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  • My Favorite Classic Games, Part 1

    When discussing great games, many chess fans always think of slashing attacks and outrageous combinations. While every world-class player tossed out more than a few epic combinations at some point in his career, positional masterpieces are far har... | Read More

  • 5 Ways Chess Can Boost Your Resumé

    Working on your chess doesn’t have to translate to results solely over the board. Experience in chess can go a long way in applications, university personal statements, and job interviews. However, you have to highlight the right skill... | Read More

  • Pandolfini's Puzzler #59: A Knight Can Stop a Pawn

    Professor: Hello, class. The class offered a measured blah response. Rachel then spoke up. Rachel: What’s planned for today, Professor? Professor: I thought I’d throw it open to the class. Lucian: How about showing what three m... | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Sep 12, 2014

    "When you start a game, how do you get into the mood of concentrating from move 1?" "If you are in a bad mood, how do you prevent this from negatively affecting your play?" Those are good questions, and they are not completely unrelated. It only... | Read More

  • Classic Pawn Structure, Part 4b

    This is the second part of an article (Classic Pawn Structure, Part 4a) that pointed out some structural similarities between the Sicilian Wing Gambit, the French Wing Gambit, and the Benko Gambit. However, the main focus quickly moved to the... | Read More

    • Match 2 Miami Sharks vs St Louis Arch Bishops

      The US Chess League seems extremely competitive this year. The defending champs went into this match already down 0-1 in the standings, only to face the St. Louis Arch Bishops. With a line up featuring GM Akobian on board 2, St Louis must be one o... | Read More

    • Glenwood's September Swiss

      The Glenwood chess club held their September Swiss on Sunday 9/14/14. It was a 3 round (turned into 4) event with a time control of G/45 d/5. I was impressed with the turnout and the strength of the field (although, only one A-class player appeare... | Read More

    • My first OTB bullet game

      This was my first OTB 2|1 chess game. I usually play this time control on many chess sites.. but over the board is much much more exciting. Though it ended as a draw, I am satisfied about the game.. I will analyse the game as soon as I get fre... | Read More

      • Ammanian
      • | Sep 18, 2014
    • Bobby Fischer versus 50 players

      Bobby Fischer went on to dominate the chess world. Apr. 12, 1964: U.S. chess champion Bobby Fischer makes move during an exhibition match against 50 players in the Knickerbocker Hotel in Hollywood. This photo by former staff photographer Steve F... | Read More

    • awarding penalties received fifa coins the backing

      Video replays to help football referees in key decision-making moments such as awarding penalties received fifa coins the backing of England's Football Association chairman Greg Dyke on Wednesday. But Dyke said he was unsure about Fifa president S... | Read More

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  • 2 rooks checkmate

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    A checkmate is where you force the enemy in such a way that the enemy king has nowhere to go. Now, a two rook checkmate is an easy way of winning. First, you block the escapade route of the enemy king with one of your rooks. Then you give check t... Read More »

  • Chess

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    • | 341 Reads

    Chess is a game played between two players using 32 pieces (16 each of two distinct colors) on a 64 square board.The earliest known ancestor of modern chess was an Indian game called Chaturanga, where the knight, King and Rooks moved the same but ... Read More »

  • Checkmate

    • 68 Reads
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    Checkmate (frequently shortened to mate) is a situation in chess in which one player's king is in check and there is no way to remove that threat; it is a check from which there is no legal move to remove check through either capturing the pie... Read More »

  • Bongcloud Attack

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    The Bongcloud Attack is a dubious opening invented by Graw81, characterised by the moves 1. e4 e5 2. Ke2?!. It aims to either develop the king for an early endgame or get the white king to the other side of the board. It can also be played after o... Read More »

  • The Stare

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    In chess, as in other games that promote gamesmanship, "The Stare" is a common tactic used by players to intimidate, annoy, confuse and otherwise put an opponant out of his or her comfort zone. It is generally done when a player is trying to thi... Read More »