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      This is the fourth in a series of posts to help people get to know the Chess.com team better. Today, we catch up with Matt Lodge, aka... Kirkwood! Where do you live? I currently reside in Brooklyn, New York though my home will always be in St.... | Read More

      • webmaster
      • | May 19, 2015
    • {VIDEOS} Bughouse Insanity

      In the realm of chess, there is little that can top Bughouse (aka Siamese, Exchange) in absolute randomness and entertainment value. Below, me and WRobertThompson dive into this quirky and somewhat addictive melee for your and our entertainment. E... | Read More

    • Midwest Team Tournament

      Thunder Kings Take Second! This year I had the pleasure of reforming the Thunder Kings chess club for the 2014 Midwest Team Tournament. The original team consisted of myself, Arshaq, Pranav and Chirag and each of these players had made a lot of... | Read More

      • jneezy86
      • | Oct 3, 2014
    • BIG Updates for NextLevelChessCoaching.com!

      Hello everyone! As some of you may know, I run the website NextLevelChessCoaching.com which I have mainly used up to now to advertise my 1-on-1 chess coaching lessons. I have some of the most affordable prices for online chess coaching and I ... | Read More

    • Elite Chess Summer Open

      It's no secret that I'm not the most active tournament player.  I enjoy the comradery unique to the CICL (and the USAT), so I jumped at the chance to play in the Elite Chess Summer Open! My round 1 game was against tactician Sonny Mata.  We had... | Read More

      • DandyDanD
      • | Aug 12, 2014

  • Crazyhouse Chess

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    Crazyhouse chess is a chess variant similar to Bughouse chess but played with 2 players and no teams. Each player has a "pocked" or "reserve" for pieces. Every time a piece is captured the capturing player gets a piece of the same type and of thei... Read More »

  • Bughouse chess

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    Bughouse (also reffered as tagteam and siamese chess) is played with two teams of two, using two sets. Each player on the team plays a different color than their partner.  It begans as normal blitz chess, but every piece a player captures, he... Read More »