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  • What’s The Best Place To Play Chess?

    There are a lot of options for the best place to play chess. Perhaps it’s in a large tournament, or even the world championship match, with millions of dollars on the line, and your opponent just blundered.  Maybe it’s ju... | Read More

  • Using The Chess Saw

    "We have to play by the !@#$ rules!" -- Amanda Young, Saw II. In last week's article, we discussed a dangerous strategic concept, the saw. So, what should you do if your opponent turns it against you? Well, as Amanda put it, you should ... | Read More

  • The King Hunt, Revealed

    To me, the term king hunt invariably conjures up an image of a bygone era, when chess was played over coffee and cigars at the Café de la Régence. With defensive tenacity largely considered a hindrance to the game's beauty, spec... | Read More

  • How To Battle The Caro-Kann

    In the previous two articles, I have discussed the earliest beginnings of the Caro-Kann Defense as well as later usage and developments. In this third part of the four-part series, I will discuss the various methods White has evolved to oppose the... | Read More

  • Dreams: The Secret Formula For Chess Success, Part 3

    What in the world is a chess dream? And how can such a thing help your game? For those that want the full introductory prose, please go to part one of this series. For the busy masses who have things to do and places to go, here’s a nutshe... | Read More

    • Now I have my 1600+ rating in Bullet back.

      Now I have my 1600+ rating in Bullet back.  As I've said I play less but better now.  | Read More

    • I've dropped 130 rating points in Bullet today.

      I'm -130 rating points in Bullet today. What can I say? Heated chess sucks. (((    | Read More

    • My first blog

      What is a blog for on this site for anyways? I have lots of interesting thing happen - gaining 500 points in a few months, making an inactive group called the power of chess 2 become a powerful one and gain 700 active members in 4 months (Now King... | Read More

      • logozar
      • | Mar 24, 2015
    • Op Ed -- The best way to learn

      "Any fool can know.  The point is to understand."  Albert Eintstein.   I recently came across a post in the notes of the DHLC (Dan Heisman Learning Center) where a member questioned the usefulness of a particular form of training.  Some memb... | Read More

    • Playing Against the Owen's Defense

        Hello Chess Fans, Today we will continue with Black's Surprise Defenses against White's 1.e4 opening.  The Owen's Defense 1...b6 is affectionately known as the Passive Panzy but let me tell you there's nothing passive about this Dynamic Hy... | Read More

Video Lessons

  • Biyiasas, Peter

    • 3 Reads
    • | 3 Reads

    Peter Biyiasas, born Nov 19, 1950 in Greece, is a Canadian Grandmaster (1978) who later moved to the United States.  He has won the Canadian championship twice (1972, 1975).  In 1978 he won the World Open.  In 1981 Bobby Fischer sta... Read More »

  • Ilyin-Genevsky, Alexander

    • 21 Reads
    • | 21 Reads

    Alexander Ilyin-Genevsky (1894-1941) was the Russian master who had to learn the game twice.  He was gassed, then shell-shocked in World War I, which took away his memory.  Irving Chernev wrote that a bullet entered Ilyin-Genevsky&r... Read More »