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  • University's Online Chess Camp with GM Boris Gelfand - Official Announcement

    Last week we revealed our plans to organize an online chess camp and included a tentative schedule. Today, we are officially announcing University's first online chess camp! Note: There may be a few discrepancies regarding the schedul... | Read More

  • How two Icelandic DJ's saved my life

    For the second time in two years I decided to visit the Reykjavik Open tournament in Iceland – not to play chess, but to watch it, and enjoy the country’s hospitality and natural wonders. Last year, I didn’t have enough time to see any glac... | Read More

  • The Michigan Fall International, Part 1

    For the past few years, since the fall of 2011, I had a really bad period in chess. I was really having trouble concentrating, not enjoying playing chess, and making many blunders. My nerves were shot and I couldn't calculate variations. In a shor... | Read More

  • The Queen of Chess

          Most people even remotely interested in 19th century chess know about Mrs. John W. Gilbert and her extremely long announced mates. What seems to be less appreciated today is the sheer strength of this lady chess player.  Part of the p... | Read More

  • Balanced Imbalance

    In this week's edition of my "Without the Lady" column, I will be showing an interesting game I played last year against the young Filipino GM Wesley So. Despite the early exchange of queens, the game was razor-sharp - imbalanced in terms of struc... | Read More

    • AI18

      <Administrator03424 Enters The Chat Room> Administrator03424: AI8. Are you there? Can you read and understand this? AI18: YES! Hello. Yes, I can see it! Who are you? Where did you come from? What am I? Where am I? All I see is darkness and... | Read More

    • Yuri Averbakh remembers Mikhail Botvinnik

      Some fragments from his memoirs. Games added by me. World Champion's sparring partner When we were preparing for a match against USA, Botvinnik offered me to play a couple of training games. Of course, it was interesting to train with a World Ch... | Read More

    • Chess Strategy: Exploiting Weaknesses

      The easiest way to win a game is to attack opponent’s WEAKNESSES. In general, this is pretty obvious. Karpov, Petrosian and other great players won countless games by using this concept. However, when it comes to YOUR OWN GAMES, the situat... | Read More

    • A sunny week in June

      Early June I played in the Swiss Rapid Chess Masters, a well organised one day tournament in Pfaffikon on Lake Zurich. I received a pleasant surprise on arrival with a gift of a bag of Swiss chocolates waiting for me in my room. The weather was ... | Read More

      • VerdeNotte
      • | Jul 31, 2014
    • I was wrong about the Millionaire event

      I was wrong about Millionaire Chess.   When the Millionaire event was first announced I was one of its biggest critics in the State of Florida. Not only did I think it would not succeed, I also thought it would be a disaster for chess. As a pla... | Read More

      • MiamiSharks
      • | Jul 26, 2014