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  • How to win a lot of games exploiting a serious common opening mistake

    I can speak easier than I can explain, so I made a short video. In essence, the common opening mistake being made in amateur chess is pushing rook pawns (a and h files) up one square to keep Bishops and Knights from giving pins or threatening fork... | Read More

  • Positional Attacks Book (February 2014)

    Positional Attacks The third installment of the best-selling series of attack books - Formation Attacks, Formation Attack Strategies, and now, Positional Attacks is another 500 page book, full of great attack information with 533 fabulous attack ... | Read More

  • Formation Attacks Book (June 2010)

    Formation Attacks The Ultimate Chess Attack Book has finally arrived!  As a Chess Master that has spent many years playing aggressive and attacking chess, I was quite dismayed during a past visit to my local booksto... | Read More

  • When Castles Attack

         There are certain rare actions in chess that elicit an almost emotional response - windmills, smothered mates, advantageous underpromotions and what I want to include here:  Checkmate by Castling.      This type of mate is so ra... | Read More

  • Stalemate

    S T A L E M A T E _______________________________________________________      The existing rule has this in its favour, that it appeals strongly to the sporting instincts of mankind; and the last chance which it affords to a player who ap... | Read More

    • lebesgue72 vs. giant1137: Sicilian dragon: 8/14/14

      Hi! This is a game I played today. It's a a sicilian dragon, with something similar to a yugoslav attack. I had never seen the Be3 move for white, developing the dark-squared bishop. I went ahead with kingside castles, and a a6,b5 pawn thing, to g... | Read More

      • lebesgue72
      • | Aug 14, 2014

      Hello everyone! I made a bullet tips blog post on my old account, but that one was closed, so I am here to write a new one! In addition, I have improved in bullet myself, so hopefully, these tips would be better than the old ones. I am going to ... | Read More

    • Olympiad 2014: Penultimate night

      (Note: First published with better quality - and unstretched! - photos here.) A lot's happened, and I've been neglecting my updates. I guess that just means plenty of post-Tromsoø updates. For now, here are the cliff notes: Australia is having ... | Read More

      • smurfo
      • | Aug 13, 2014
    • اصول 64 گانه شطرنج: کپسولی، مختصر و مفید

      اصول 64 گانه شطرنج: کپسولی، مختصر و مفید 1. Develop your pieces quickly. 1- سوارهایتان را سریعا گسترش دهید 2. Control the center. 2- مرکز را کنترل کنید 3. Try to put your ... | Read More

    • Instructive games from the 2014 Chess Olympiad

      Hi folks, how you´re doing? The Chess Olympiad in Norway is slowly going towards the end and so far we´ve had tons of great chess games, upsets, time troubles, even a dissappeared team (Burundi I believe). Let us see some nice and instructive g... | Read More

Video Lessons

  • Chess

    • 341 Reads
    • | 341 Reads

    Chess is a game played between two players using 32 pieces (16 each of two distinct colors) on a 64 square board.The earliest known ancestor of modern chess was an Indian game called Chaturanga, where the knight, King and Rooks moved the same but ... Read More »

  • Chess960

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    Chess960 (Fischer random) is a chess variant created by Bobby Fischer where the pieces on the back rank are randomized, there are 960 possible starting possitions, hence the name Chess960 As you can see the pawns a still on rank 2/7 but the piece... Read More »

  • Qualities of moves

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    As you can see moves are indicated if good or bad through symbols: These are the symbols: !!- brilliant move !- good move !?- interesting move  ?!- dubious move ?-bad move ??-blunder Many people make blunders like the castling blunder lik... Read More »

  • Bughouse chess

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    Bughouse (also reffered as tagteam and siamese chess) is played with two teams of two, using two sets. Each player on the team plays a different color than their partner.  It begans as normal blitz chess, but every piece a player captures, he... Read More »

  • Alexandre, Aaron

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    • | 2 Reads

    Aaron Alexandre (1766-1850) was the author of Encyclopedie des Echecs, the first book containing the collection of all opening variations then known.  Published in 1837 (Alexander was then 71 years old), he introduced the algebraic notation a... Read More »