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  • Catalans

         Joan Carbó i Batlle was born the same year as Paul Morphy.  In fact, Batlle was just 3 weeks older than his more famous contemporary. Also a lawyer, though born in Tarragona, Catalonia, Batlle with his two friends, Judge Josep-Salvi F... | Read More

  • Serendipity Leads to Fischer and Beyond

          I had stumbled across the archived "New York Times" obituary notice for Edmar Mednis (February 22, 2002, by Dylan Loeb McClain).  The obit, of course, reviews his life, but pivots on the point that, although Mednis (pictured left in 19... | Read More

  • Riding The Winds Of Fashion, Part 3

    Warning! This is a fairly advanced article. I try to write for players of all ratings, so sometimes I explore basic stuff, and other times I bow to the 1800-and-above crowd. Though the opening in question is too advanced for beginners, I hope that... | Read More

  • Kasparov's Blitz Recipe

     Kasparov's My Great Predecessors series of books is a trove of invaluable information. Garry is a real King Midas of chess since whatever chess subject he touches, he turns into gold. Whether you want to improve your tactical skills, le... | Read More

  • The Endgames of Tromsø, Part 2

    In this article we continue to examine the endgames and queenless middlegames played in the World Cup, currently being held in Tromsø, Norway. We will now be looking at the games played in the second round of the knockout. First, we have a very ... | Read More

    • Bogo-Catalan Game

      This blog post falls into the catagory of posting games I'm proud of. In the game, after black's passive opening play, I managed to ignore some materialistic instincts in favor of building an attack and keeping the black king in the center. And it... | Read More

      • AVStone
      • | Feb 28, 2015
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    • Learning the Catalan

      Hi, I'm new to and was wondering if any of you could advise me on a game I played recently, it uses the Catalan opening which I have just recently learned. I've only being playing properly for just over a month so it might not be the hi... | Read More

      • abeswick
      • | Feb 13, 2015
    • DAILY REVIEW OF WIJK AAN ZEE 2015. Round 12 - Giri Variation

      12th round of Tata Steel Masters was frankly boring - only two games of seven ended effectively! It remains only hope that the super GMs cherish forces for a decisive round. However, today there was quite a significant event in the parallel tour... | Read More

    • Bullet Brawls Go Live! Danny's Quest for 2500!!

      [Blog History]      Today we got a little bit of a treat on thanks in part to IM Danny Rensch. Usually, he tapes an episode of Bullet Brawls for YouTube for everyone to watch, but today, it went LIVE!! It was a short show, about ... | Read More

    • For player that is new in chess

      Welcome to this blog, whice is for chessplayer that are new at the game, and of couse anyone that like to read my blog :-)   In this blog I will try to go over the game, how to open the game, develop,understaning pawn formation, pawn chain, iso... | Read More

      • Gnuzeen
      • | Jan 7, 2015

Video Lessons

  • A00 to E99

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    This is a list of chess openings, organised by the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings (ECO) code. In 1966, Chess Informant categorised the chess openings into five broad areas ("A" through "E"), with each of those broken down into one hundred subcate... Read More »

  • King's Indian Attack

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      The King's Indian Attack (KIA), also known as the Barcza System (after Gedeon Barcza), is a chess opening system for White, most notably used by Bobby Fischer. Its typical formation is shown in the diagram to the right.It is an attacki... Read More »