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  • Classic Pawn Structure, Part 4b

    This is the second part of an article (Classic Pawn Structure, Part 4a) that pointed out some structural similarities between the Sicilian Wing Gambit, the French Wing Gambit, and the Benko Gambit. However, the main focus quickly moved to the... | Read More

  • Live chat with Sam Shankland

    Right now - live chat with Sam Shankland on Facebook!!! The USA Golden Boy from the Tromso Olympiad, GM Sam Shankland, has come to Belgrade as a guest of Chess Informant. Playing as a reserve player for the US te... | Read More

  • Q&A with Sam Shankland in Belgrade

    It was a live chat over Facebook at the Chess Informant's community page. These days, GM Sam Shankland, Tromso Olympiad star, is in Belgrade, Serbia, and tomorrow he would play promotional rapid tournament with all the members of the Serbian Olymp... | Read More

  • The 10 Most Important Moments in Chess History

    There is arguably no other game with the timeless staying power and global reach of chess. Unlike most of the other games and sports played today by millions around the world, chess has a history that spans millennia. While chess has change... | Read More

  • The Best Groups on

    There are so many groups on that site members can join but which groups are the best, and why? Below, you will find a list of the absolute best groups on   #1 University University is the largest group... | Read More

    • La Joueuse ( Queen to Play)

      A chat today in my  group notes about kevin klein brought me back 3 years. It will be 3 years ago I watched this french film  La joueuse. English translation "Queen To Play".  Up until that time my only experience with chess was being around p... | Read More

    • AI18

      <Administrator03424 Enters The Chat Room> Administrator03424: AI8. Are you there? Can you read and understand this? AI18: YES! Hello. Yes, I can see it! Who are you? Where did you come from? What am I? Where am I? All I see is darkness and... | Read More

    • Funny chats

        iucv: u r a dead man GAME OVER - iucv vs. rooks_end - iucv won on time (-3). Your new bullet rating is 1306. iucv: u r dead MEAT kid GAME OVER - rooks_end vs. iucv - iucv won on time (-3). Your new bullet rating is 1303. Match sco... | Read More

      • rooks_end
      • | Sep 12, 2014
    • l o l

      =p   I have since yesterday been having SO MUCH F U N just waisting multiples x multiples of games, watching opponents in major confusion with even them sometimes commenting in chat " are you trying to lose? " lol and me not at all able to reply... | Read More

    • Annotated Correspondence #2 Caro-Kann 2.e5?!

      This game was very strange for me, not because the game was so very disappointing to play but because of the chatter between myself and my opponent. Once the game was clearly over (on 17...Bxc5 the comp marks me a queen up) and actually quite ... | Read More

Video Lessons


  • Divinsky, Nathan

    • 7 Reads
    • | 7 Reads

    Nathan Joseph Divinsky, born Oct 29, 1925, is a Canadian mathematician, chess master, and author.  In 1945, he was 3rd in the Canadian Championship.  He played on the 1954 and 1966 Canadian Olympiad chess team.  He was the editor of... Read More »

  • Yanofsky, Daniel Abraham

    • 28 Reads
    • | 28 Reads

    Daniel Abraham Yanofsky (1925-2000) was a Polish born Canadian lawyer and Grandmaster (1964) who was the first Grandmaster in the British Commonwealth.  He learned to play chess at 8 years old.  He came to Canada in 1926.  In 1939 h... Read More »