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    The Introduction:      The second half of the 18th century into the early 19th century was marked with cultural changes previously equaled perhaps only by the Renaissance.  There were great and important political revolutions, such as those... | Read More

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  • Chess-Playing Machines

         Dr. Richard Eales' great book "Chess: the History of a Game" in part traces the popularity of mostly modern chess through time.  I was chagrined, however, by its minor mention of the Turk in this regard.  Obviously I consider the explo... | Read More

  • 6 Chess Moves You Have To Play Before You Die

    The idea of a “bucket list” is not a new one. It’s an age-old concept to compile a list of things you’d like to do before you “kick the bucket,” or pass away. Unlike traveling the world or buying your dream ho... | Read More

  • 13 Songs With Chess Lyrics

    Chess and music have been linked throughout history. Both of these cerebral pursuits live at the intersection of science and art, and both are breeding grounds for amazing geniuses and prodigies. The logic, structure, and meaning of music can ... | Read More

    • GO Swiss Round 3 -- Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory!

      Dedicated to Lumper who gave me the snappy title!!!!   Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory:  Uh... shouldn't that be the other way around? Well, it would be if my OPPONENT was doing the blog. Unfortunately, it's ME that's doing it!   ... | Read More

    • CHECKMATES OF THE DAY - 03.29.2015 - day 109

      World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik beat J. Dobropistsev in Leningrad in 1926: Black to move and checkmates in 1: World Champion Bobby Fischer won against Joao De Souza Mendes in Mar del Plata in 1959: Black to move and checkmates in 2: My st... | Read More

    • CHECKMATES OF THE DAY - 03.28.2015 - day 108

      World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik beat  Mikhail A Mukhin in Leningrad in 1926: White to move and checkmates in 1: World Champion Bobby Fischer won against Robin Ault in New York in 1959: White to move and checkmates in 3: Our reader Kari... | Read More

    • Metal Chess

      Hola a todos! Es la primera vez que escribo en el blog, recién lo estoy descubriendo. Recién descubrí que se podía cambiar el fondo de pantalla y elegí como "tema" Metal Chess; no lo elegí porque me gustaba el "tema" (así se le dice a la co... | Read More

    • CHECKMATES OF THE DAY - 03.27.2015 - day 107

      World Champion Mikhal Botvinnik beat I. Kalinin in Leningrad in 1924: White to move and checkmates in 1: World Champion Bobby Fischer won against Herman Pilnik in Santiago de Chile in 1959: White to move and checkmates in 2: Our reader Zsg... | Read More

Video Lessons

  • Fool's Mate

    • 2211 Reads
    • | 2211 Reads

    Fool's mate, also known as the "two-move checkmate," is the quickest possible checkmate in the game of chess. One example consists of the moves leading to the position shown... There are eight slight variations on the pattern — White might p... Read More »

  • Sacrifice

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    • | 0 Reads

    To voluntarily give up material in the hope of gaining other advantages as compensation. The following is an example of using queen sacrifice to checkmate: Read More »

  • Algebraic notation

    • 35 Reads
    • | 35 Reads

    This article is about Algebric notation.First we will talk about what the pieces mean: K=king Q=queen R=rook B=bishop N=knight when pawns move,only the destination square is described. Here is an example of an opening with algebric notation... Read More »

  • Minor Pieces Checkmates

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    MINOR Pieces Are Rarely used for mate  It sometimes only used for support mate Im gonna serve you with some puzzle in a position where king is in the Corner/Edge of the board and , we got a few minor pieces(Bishop, Knight, and maybe a Pawn) I thi... Read More »

  • 2 rooks checkmate

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    A checkmate is where you force the enemy in such a way that the enemy king has nowhere to go. Now, a two rook checkmate is an easy way of winning. First, you block the escapade route of the enemy king with one of your rooks. Then you give check t... Read More »