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Location: vineyards, Czech Republic
Joined: 7/3/11
Last Online: 8/25/12
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  • Player Profiles: IM Fins0905

    International Chess Master John Bartholomew is a 26 year-old chess professional from Eagan, Minnesota. He has more than 11 years of chess teaching experience with players of all ages and skill levels. John has run successful chess clubs and p... | Read More

  • Player Profiles: Natalia_Pogonina

    Name: Natalia Pogonina                                                        Title:   FIDE Woman Grandmaster, Grandmaster of Russia Date of birth: March 9th, 1985 Fide rating:  2447, highest - 2501        ... | Read More

  • Canadian Tour 1: Open Championship in Toronto

    The Canadian Open Championship took place in Toronto in the middle of July (9-17). After reading briefly the history of the event, and discovering that my personal hero Bent Larsen won the event twice I started dreaming of adding my name to winner... | Read More

    • megajedrez2

      español  trailer de los creadores de multiajedrez megajedrez y partidas roy1x2 te presentamos  chess 960                            ... | Read More

      • roy1x2
      • | Mar 24, 2014
    • Chess Me!

      Chess has taken me to places I never considered going. Besides the travelling to other cities and states, chess has expanded my mind and enabled me to accomplish things I never considered before. Simply put I never knew that chess was actually mor... | Read More

      • LaCiCaDa
      • | Feb 27, 2014
    • Ho do Ito(Batak song) and chess 960 | Read More

    • How to arrange board for a Chess960 game in your home(Without using any electronic device)-Explained

      Introduction I think everyone who reads this knows about chess 960, if not see here: http://Chess960‎.   In Chess960, the board is arranged randomly. So when playing without using computers. You should think of a way to arrange pieces random... | Read More

      • thanbi
      • | Jan 18, 2014
    • Positional play in chess 960

      Hi guys.I would like to share another one of my games with you. I think this game is a nice example of positional play in Chess960.Всем привет! Я бы хотел поделиться еще одной своей игрой. Мне к... | Read More