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  • 277 hours to learn to think like a Chess Master?

    How much time do you have for chess? What is the best way to study? These are questions I pose in my Video Lesson 001 on YouTube. I created this video right before I became active at Since that time, I have nearly 500 public videos avai... | Read More

  • Incredible groups to join!

    I've belonged to many groups in my 2.5 active years here, but these are the best on for what they offer you, the valued member of The first two groups are far and away the best coaching groups on, and our satisfied ... | Read More

  • Player Profiles: IM Fins0905

    International Chess Master John Bartholomew is a 26 year-old chess professional from Eagan, Minnesota. He has more than 11 years of chess teaching experience with players of all ages and skill levels. John has run successful chess clubs and p... | Read More

  • Player Profiles: Natalia_Pogonina

    Name: Natalia Pogonina                                                        Title:   FIDE Woman Grandmaster, Grandmaster of Russia Date of birth: March 9th, 1985 Fide rating:  2447, highest - 2501        ... | Read More

  • Canadian Tour 1: Open Championship in Toronto

    The Canadian Open Championship took place in Toronto in the middle of July (9-17). After reading briefly the history of the event, and discovering that my personal hero Bent Larsen won the event twice I started dreaming of adding my name to winner... | Read More

    • Chess 960 the Arguments For

      The arguments for chess 960 can be summed up something like this: There is no opening theory per se, at least not yet. The players are immediately put in a position where they must analyze the board from a fresh position/perspective; and determ... | Read More

    • راهنما و قوانين سايت شطرنج

      با سلام خدمت همه دوستان گرامي : اين پست را سرکار خانم فرحناز در تيم ايرانيان تهيه کردند من از آن يک کپي گرفتم تا در صورت لزوم استفاده شود  ... | Read More

    • Chess 960 The Arguments Against

        I promised last time to discuss some of the arguments both for and against in regards to chess 960. It didn't take long for me to find some, especially against. Some of the arguments have a certain logic, others are just plain whoppers. I wou... | Read More

    • Chess 960 and a New Golden Age

      "I don't know when, but I think we are approaching that [the end of chess] very rapidly. I think we need a change in the rules of chess. For example, I think it would be a good idea to shuffle the first row of the pieces by computer ... and this w... | Read More

    • First Blog (Chess 960)

      Recent comments I have made concerning chess 960. Well I don't know. According to Otto-Von-Zoliccau's report in the forums, about 22 % of players are now playing 960 as well as classical chess. That is pretty significant. There also seem to be al... | Read More