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  • Chess Tactics And The Hookah

    A Superior Tactician member Mzeekimaro wrote: “I am a big fan of you and your chess books. I am rated 1581 by FIDE. I want to be very good at tactics. What do you recommend I do? I want to be labeled as a superior tactician.&rdqu... | Read More

  • Die Immergrüne Partie

    Dr. Hermann von Gottschall      Dr. Hermann von Gottschall (1862-1933) was a reputable German chessplayer and problemist. He also edited the German periodical "Deutsche Schachzeitung" from 1892-96 (having co-edited with Curt von Bardeleb... | Read More

  • Dreams: The Secret Formula For Chess Success, Part 5

    What in the world is a chess dream? And how can such a thing help your game? This series is all about dreams (okay, it’s also about imbalances and patterns), and it’s presented in a question-and-answer format. Some of the positions will be ha... | Read More

  • 10 Bad Habits In "Searching For Bobby Fischer"

    It is time for the big national scholastic tournaments here in the U.S., and that means that we are going to witness thousands of kids making similar mistakes on and off the chess board. A clear sign of a person getting older is when he starts c... | Read More

  • Mastering Opposite-Colored Bishops

    As beginners, we are taught a litany of strategic precepts that inform our thought process and shape our general understanding. "Occupy the center," "knights before bishops," "the rook's place is behind the passed pawn" — all of thes... | Read More

    • my flexible study plan... for now

      I watch the occasional chess video, but when it comes to chess I think I learn more readily by playing through instruction. When I was in high school, this meant playing through The Complete Chessplayer by Fred Reinfeld on a board in my bedroom. ... | Read More

    • Towards Stronger Game

      Some days ago I decided to start playing chess again after some years break. After I got some experience about chess on here,, I went a bit further. I promised myself to be as strong player as possible, and this lead me to think about ho... | Read More

      • Alasre
      • | Sep 25, 2015
    • Seafair Open 2015: One Year Back in the Game

      A year ago I decided, almost on a whim, to get back into tournament chess after a 27-year layoff.  So this tournament was an important anniversary.  It's a single-section open tournament, guaranteeing a wide range of opponents against whom to te... | Read More

      • mkkuhner
      • | Sep 7, 2015
    • Chess Mentor & its explanation

      Hi,  Its no doubt that chess mentor is really a helpful tool of I have learnt a lot from this wonderful tool. But sometimes questions arise in my mind when i read through its explanation.   Yesterday i was trying this problem (See ... | Read More

      • Nibir2
      • | Aug 23, 2015
    • Grandmaster Igor Smirnov

      Anyone who is looking to improve their chess and is studying books and doing tactical exercises should read this Article. I am telling you that it's not the best way. Search for Remote Chess Academy on YouTube and find out the best way to impr... | Read More

      • aidyeo123
      • | Aug 15, 2015