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  • Readers’ Games, Questions and Comments, Part 4

    Shock Value or the Real Thing? ejSalsac asked: “I wished to ask for your evaluation of a line of the English Attack which to my knowledge has rarely been played: 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 a6 6.Be3 Ng4 7.Bg5 h6 8.Bh4 g5 9.Nf5... | Read More

  • Desperado Defense

    "Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before," quipped American actress Mae West in 1936. So it is with defending bad positions in chess. One cannot deny that in the majority of cases, the best way to test your opponent's techniq... | Read More

  • "Hope Chess" - A Common Mistake: Part I

    This article is particularly aimed beginners however this common mistake of "hope chess" will rear it's ugly head at almost every level. We'll work our way from beginner to master exploring how this mistake appears on multiple levels. Part I foc... | Read More

  • Mysterious GM Moves

    When you hear the word "brilliancy," what comes to mind? A dazzling combination with multiple sacrifices? A captivating tactical melee in which both players display their calculational expertise? Without a doubt, brilliancy has a tactical connotat... | Read More

  • The Rock Scrapbook

    Scrapbook Prologue:      The U.S. Open chess tournament has been around since 1900 when it was called the Western Chess Association Championship and first won by Louis Uedemann, the creator of the Uedemann Code which was used to send chess m... | Read More

    • Update: The Best Android Apps for Chess

      I recently decided updated my post on The Best Android Apps for Chess. The post has been easily my most popular post on with over 30,000 reads; it's also one of the top hits for Android apps and chess. Since the post seems to be a usefu... | Read More

    • Drawville

      For the past few months I've been stuck in Drawville. You know. That little town down yonder where chess players go to, well, not win and not lose. Since returning home from the Philadelphia Open in April, I've drawn 50% of my OTB games. That com... | Read More

      • Chessmo
      • | Jun 8, 2014
    • A Visualization Of Popular Opening Chess Moves Over Time | Read More

      • rnickel
      • | May 28, 2014
    • Norway + Houdini vs Magnus Carlsen

      World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen competes against a mystery man in a red morph suit. Could it be Houdini? Well not quite. The mystery man was later (after the game) revealed to be cross-country skiing legend Oddvar Brå who simply relayed the c... | Read More

    • Outgrowing Chess Idiot: The Experience

      This is not a how to guide; it’s part of relating a personal chess experience that’s in progress, therefore hard to put into words. Is it relevant to the chess enthusiast? It may be, but more so to the enthusiast part; to put it differently, n... | Read More

      • Radu1306
      • | Apr 21, 2014

  • So Wins 7th Blitz "Death Match"!

    Grandmaster Wesley So jumped out to a commanding 6-0 lead against Grandmaster Ray Robson in's 7th Blitz Death Match, and he never looked back! In arguably the most lopsided Death Match yet, the Filipino #1 dominated the entire match, fin... | Read More

  • US Champs: Logjam At The Top

    By FM Mike Klein Saint Louis, May 17, 2010. With the top four players battling to draws on the top two boards, a trio of other players used the fourth round of the 2010 U.S Championship to draw even. On board one, GM Hikaru Nakamura and GM Alex ... | Read More

  • Why Your Brain Makes You Play Worse

    Let's face it: 99% of us don't play chess as well as we would like to, and the other 1% needs to learn some humility. One of the worst feelings in chess is missing those clearly winning moves that would have ended the game, but instead you... | Read More

  • Building Part 10 - The Team

    Today was featured in a great video news piece in which I (Erik) had a few embarrassing interview clips. In the video I was referred to as the "creator" of, and I just wanted to let everyone know how far from true tha... | Read More

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  • Computers have Solved Checkers: Is Chess Next?

    After roughly 1,000 years of total computing time (~50 computers working for last 20 years), the game of checkers is no longer a game: it is simply a puzzle. Professor Jonathan Schaeffer has proven that with perfect play from both sides, checkers ... | Read More

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  • kings cryochaber

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    well, lets continue what we were at- more ways to win. well, the topics kings cryochaber. the topic means, of course, the positive way of attackind and defending kings. So go along wth the moves: e4 e5 ng3 nf6 (the next moves carries your own gam... Read More »

  • Fool's Mate

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    Fool's mate, also known as the "two-move checkmate," is the quickest possible checkmate in the game of chess. One example consists of the moves leading to the position shown... There are eight slight variations on the pattern — White might p... Read More »

  • Pawn

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    The new pawn move, advancing two squares on its first move instead of one, was first introduced in Spain in 1280.  Starting a game by making two pawn moves before the opponent moved was common in Germany and Holland up to the 16th century, and st... Read More »

  • tablebase

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    An endgame tablebase is a computerized database that contains precalculated exhaustive analysis of a chess endgame position. It is typically used by a computer chess engine during play, or by a human or computer that is retrospectively anal... Read More »

  • Chajes, Oscar

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    Oscar Chajes was born in Brody, Galacia, Austria-Hungary (what is now Ukraine) on December 14, 1873.  In 1909 he was the winner of the U.S. Open in Excelsior, Minnesota.  He became secretary of the Isaac L. Rice Progressive Chess Club.  In 1... Read More »