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  • The Famous Warsaw Café of Kiev

         In its day, in its particular place, in its brief moment in time,  the Warsaw Café was a well-known establishment in Kiev.  Even the building itself couldn't endure the ravages of war and the reputation of the Warsaw Café has lon... | Read More

  • Blunders in Modern Play, Part 4

    Several weeks ago I played in an excellent tournament organized by Dr. Walter High in North Carolina. The US Masters tournament attracted an extremely strong field with many GMs including Mamedov, Ramirez, Shabalov, & Jankovic - just to name f... | Read More

  • Throwing Away Your Queen

    Any real fan of chess can tell you that, in many ways, chess is a lifelong addiction. Hundreds or even thousands (in some case, tens of thousands!) of chess books take over an apartment or house, chess sets can be found in bathrooms, bedrooms, kit... | Read More

  • Memorializing Alekhine in Style

    It’s been several decades since the last time Paris has been the site of a top-tier chess tournament. The French city of Lyon played host to Kasparov’s title defense match against Karpov in 1990, but other than that, nobody here can se... | Read More

  • My Chess Set

    In late summer of 2008 I played a small local tournament which had no monetary prizes. The prizes were donated, and the top one was a chess set which I figured was worth maybe two hundred dollars. I decided to play – it was not unlike many o... | Read More

    • chess and culture #5 Leonardo Illustrations

      Book May Have Leonardo Illustrations (or Not) Pages from "De Ludo Scachorum", a book about chess with illustrations that some say were designed by Leonardo da Vinci. The latest attribution to be proposed involves the design for the illustratio... | Read More

    • Books from My Past, Part 3

      I had started playing chess casually as a sailor while on deployments aboard a nuclear submarine in 1990-1991 but I didn't know about basic things such as pins or forks and so lost most of my games. But I vowed to one day be good enough to beat ... | Read More

      • Chessmo
      • | Jul 17, 2014
    • Jessica Simpson, Ray Charles, and Five Other Famous People You Never Knew Were Chess Addicts

      Chess is cool. Celebrities play chess. That actress you're pretty sure doesn't have two brain cells to rub together to make fire? Yep, she'll own you and then tell her driver to take you home. That rapper you're pretty sure never graduated high sc... | Read More

    • Curried Chess

      Google or search "Curried Chess" the E book, on or Nook, Amazon, i tunes etc for 10 entertaining games playable with a chess set - as a change from the serious game! | Read More

      • catsmas
      • | Jun 3, 2014
    • Death of Romanticism in Chess

      As we all know, as chess players the Romantic Era of chess was treasured and now, through computer engines and advance therory, the Romantic Era is a faded dream. Like the old man at family get-to gethers (the one who sits in the back of the room,... | Read More