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  • Mastering Squares, Part 7

    As I’ve often said, when mastering a new concept it’s important to first study the concept’s basic nuts and bolts, look at all variations of that concept, and finally go over hundreds (even better is thousands) of games featuring... | Read More

  • The Top 6 Titled Tuesday Tactics

    Six Titled Tuesday tournaments are in the books, and the seventh is scheduled for today as the event moves to the first Tuesday of the month.  After thousands of master games, tightly packed leaderboards, and thrilling finishes, these event... | Read More

  • Enlightened Chess

    The Introduction:      The second half of the 18th century into the early 19th century was marked with cultural changes previously equaled perhaps only by the Renaissance.  There were great and important political revolutions, such as those... | Read More

  • The Chess Auditor

    © 2015, José Diaz   Links Interview with José Diaz José Diaz Official Website | Read More

  • The Illegal Move That Wrecked A Chess Career

    The summer of 1992 was the most memorable time of my chess career. Our team just took silver medal at the 30th Chess Olympiad in Manila and I felt like I was on the top of the world. That Olympiad deserves a separate article, since I am absolutely... | Read More

    • The Locos - Contrato Limosna

      Artista: THE LOCOSCanción: Contrato LimosnaÁlbum: Tiempos Difíciles (Maldito Records, 2012)Grabado en Madrid en enero de 2012Dirigido por Alberto PláGuión: Kike Suárez "Babas"Producción: Ángel Ruiz y Kike TurrónMaquillaje Tachi Makeup: ... | Read More

      • Jaketxelo
      • | Mar 4, 2015
    • Well that changes everything, doesn't it?

        Why did the Son of God become man?   For us men and for our salvation, the Son of God became incarnate in the womb of the Virgin Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit. He did so to reconcile us sinners with God, to have us learn of God’s i... | Read More

    • Singapore Masters Blitz Invitational 2015

      Personally, I would prefer to play in events where I can get a decent number of rounds with stronger players to ‘teach me a lesson’. I also believe my contemporaries also feel the same way, that is, they would prefer tourneys where they could ... | Read More

      • juniortay
      • | Mar 3, 2015
    • Zwischenzugs

      ZwischenzugThis is a German word that means an 'inbetween move' . Usually a zwischenzug occurs as an interpolation during a series of apparently forced moves. Because of this, zwischenzug possibilities can be difficult to spot for both sides, but ... | Read More

    • Twitter @reinoajedrez

      Nos sumamos a la gran interactividad que aporta Twitter y así conseguir compartir más cosas de calidad en todas nuestras plataformas. Puedes encontrarnos como: @reinoajedrez / | Read More