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  • Readers’ Games, Questions and Comments, Part 6

    Million Dollar Fantasy QUESTION 1: member Einet890 asked: “If you were to train me for two years to become a GM and had a million dollars on the line, what would the training look like?” ANSWER: This kind of question c... | Read More

  • The Two Best Coaching Groups @

    NM aww-rats free video lessons group Dan Heisman Learning Center If you join and take advantage of what we offer, your chess will improve! It's really no contest if you look at what we offer. No other coaching group compares on all fronts: 1) ... | Read More

  • Classic Pawn Structure, Part 3b

    In our first look at this pawn structure in Part 3a we explored the piece setups, dynamics, and general plans of the Burn Variation of the French Defense. Though doubling one’s kingside pawns early in the game may look idiotic, the resulting str... | Read More

  • Three Key Ways to Improve at Chess (part 1)

    Recently I've received a lot of emails from prospective students who ask me “How do I get better at chess?” In my opinion, there are three important methods of improvement that I feel are key to everyone's growth as chess players. This articl... | Read More

  • Kolisch: Unknown Tactical Monster

    (I want to thank’s finest chess historian, batgirl, for articles shared, the photos you see in this article, and her very useful feedback when I asked her about Kolisch. If you don’t follow her blogs and articles you are foolishly de... | Read More

    • The Mayor's Open!

      I was the 4th seed of a 10-player field in the Open division of the Mayor's Open; a chess tournament that took place in Hammond, IN on July 19th, 2014 at the Jean Sheppard Community Center. There were other scholastic divisions as well that were n... | Read More

    • Wanted! Titled players to give Simulataneouses!

      My video lessons group is the 3rd largest on with over 8,300 members. One nice feature we offer is a number of titled players who graciously offer to give simuls to our members. We are looking for more! It's a great way to get more expos... | Read More

      • aww-rats
      • | Jul 12, 2014
    • My first French

      Yesterday I studied an excelent article about openings for beginners posted in The Learning Group (here).  I like the recommended approach and I think that Czech kids would benefit from that very much. I plan to talk to our local chess coaches a... | Read More

    • My Experience Using the Analysis Board With My Students

      Ever since I started using's Analysis Board to do my lessons with my students at my coaching website "", I have always had a very positive experience with it. The analysis board is very intuitive, easy to use an... | Read More

    • How to Enjoy Chess Most

      Chess is a fun game. Especially if you play with many different people. It's important to play chess with a lot of people if you really want to improve. If you play with the same person all the time, you don't improve very much.   Everyone ha... | Read More

      • tondeaf
      • | Jun 15, 2014
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