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  • 4 Tips To Bounce Back From A Tough Tournament

     The only thing worse than having a bad tournament is having to play another tournament immediately after. If you’re not careful, you may allow your poor performance to affect your subsequent results. Follow the tips below to bounce ... | Read More

  • Max and Dorothea

      Le Roi jouant avec La Reine(Max Ernst, 1944) called "The King of Chess" in "Chess Review's" coverage of theImagery of Chess  "The King Playing With the Queen" was originally a wire-reinforced plaster sculpture  painted a homogenous blue.... | Read More

  • Women In Chess: Be Aggressive

    The recent Women's World Championship was a fascinating event. You could find everything we love about chess competitions: neat combinations, unpredictable results (will we ever forget Natalia Pogonina's amazing comebacks in almost every single ma... | Read More

  • Lionel Kieseritzky

          The ancient Estonian city of Tartu lies about 2500 miles from Paris, France.  In the 19th century Tartu didn't exist as such but rather was known as Dorpat under the umbrella of the Imperial Russian empire.   Dorpat lay in Livonia... | Read More

  • Louis Paulsen II

         I'd written about Paulsen several times in different places. HERE is my article at of which I'll consider this an extension.      Why write more on Louis Paulsen?  I am fascinated with the 19th century and chess during th... | Read More

    • Talk objective to me, baby.

      How to speak objectively when you want to: 1. Say mimic-somatic instead of emotional 2. Say inhibited speech reflexes instead of thoughts 3. Say collective associative reflex instead of political movement. etc | Read More

    • تیغه کرکره برقی

      یغه کرکره برقی درب اتوماتیک سایر بازکن ها فروش به همکار موتور کرکره برقی نصب کرکره برقی کرکره کرکره برقی نواع تیغه کرکره برقی , تیغه کر... | Read More

      • tarkibzan
      • | May 17, 2015
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    • The shadow and the light or Yours truly as a deputy arbiter

      1. The idea or Our chess dreams Together with my friend Krzysztof, we have thought for a long time about organizing a classic chess tournament in Toruń, a place which, surprisingly, lacks such events, although the town has rapid and blitz tou... | Read More

      • AdamPitula
      • | May 16, 2015
    • HHCF Awarded Grant for Summer Chess Program for At-Risk Teens

      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PR Contact: Meek Gaborski   City of San Jose Awards Hip-Hop Chess Federation Grant for Chess and Life Strategies Summer Camp HHCF Opens FREE Summer Camp to Keep Kids Focused on School a... | Read More

    • Supermassive Black Hole Merger

      Pulsing light may indicate supermassive black hole merger   April 20, 2015 University of Maryland Two black holes entwined in a gravitational tango in an earlier artist's conception of black holes. Credit: NASA As two galaxies enter the ... | Read More

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  • Queens Pawn Game

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    In the most general sense the term Queen's Pawn Game can refer to any chess opening which starts with the move 1.d4. It is the second most popular opening move after 1.e4. The name is usually used to describe openings beginning with 1.d4 wher... Read More »

  • Colle

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    the Colle normally: Defeated: Colle Zukertort: There are too much other things in colle so i will now do london system: conclusion: I hope you learn! Read More »

  • Vera Menchik Club

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    • | 38 Reads

    Players who lost to Vera Menchik.  Before the start of the Carlsbad International Tournament in 1929, Albert Becker said if man should lose to this woman, he would be a member of the Vera Menchik Club.  His was the first member.  Ot... Read More »