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  • Stalemate

    S T A L E M A T E _______________________________________________________      The existing rule has this in its favour, that it appeals strongly to the sporting instincts of mankind; and the last chance which it affords to a player who ap... | Read More

  • Best of Three Sets: Tennis Players Ju and Esserman in Death Match

    In the 1990s, when Pete Sampras dominated Wimbledon, he would sometimes win entire matches without a rally longer than a few hits. Expect the same this Saturday, as two energetic blitz specialists (and talented tennis players) lace up for Death Ma... | Read More

  • Paul Morphy's Chess Strength

    Paul Morphy, Spring Hill College, 1854      This is a highly unusual article for me.  I have no love for chess engines.  Additionally, I have severe reservations about trying to compare modern players with 19th cenutry players.  It h... | Read More

  • Alexander Alekhine (Part 7): The Dark Years

    In Part Six of this seven-part series, we saw Alekhine lose the World Championship to Max Euwe in 1935, only to win it back in 1937.  After shocking the world (and Euwe, who was sure he would finish Alekhine off once and for all) with that ep... | Read More

  • Expertise in Chess Players

    Learning and mastery of a skill is a complicated process, especially when the endeavor involves the mind. For reasons along this line, psychologists have studied how expert chess players excel. The famous psychologist Alfred Binet once stated, “... | Read More

    • Blast from the far-away to not-so-far-away- Past ! My chess "adventures" (Part 3)

      Hello netizen ! after all this time I finally decided to continue on my chess adventures, which I took WAYYYYY too long to continue    But anyhow, let's going into the action ! After the rapids in part 2 I still had college and try to squeeze... | Read More

    • My First Five Days in Okinawa

      My First Five Days in Okinawa, Japan   Did I ever tell you that I was granted an international training scholarship by the Japan International Cooperation Agency in years 2007 to 2008?  Well, the training course was about the “Application of... | Read More

      • jocelasi
      • | Apr 20, 2014
    • Vindicated after 19 years

      I don't play - or think about - chess a lot anymore, and opening preparation is something from such a distant past that I can hardly remember how to do it anymore.  Imagine my amusement when, last week, I played an important team game and all of... | Read More

    • First blog post. Crazy attacking game

      This is my first post. I am using 10min. games and this posting facility to reinforce what I learn. I came across Soltis book on pawn structures and was immediately inspired. Have adopted the Caro-Slav structures as a starting point and will be pl... | Read More

      • Antibody
      • | Apr 18, 2014
    • Analysis Board: My Experience

      Hello everybody, Here I want to share with you my experience of using this new for many chess players tool provided by - the Analysis Board. To start with, I shall mention that the interface of the Board is quite nice, pleasant,  ... | Read More

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  • Colle

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    the colle normaly: or defeated: or colle zuzertork: there are too much other things in colle so i will now do london system: conclusion: i hope you learn! Read More »

  • Vera Menchik Club

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    Players who lost to Vera Menchik.  Before the start of the Carlsbad International Tournament in 1929, Albert Becker said if man should lose to this woman, he would be a member of the Vera Menchik Club.  His was the first member.  Ot... Read More »