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Location: Osterode, Germany
Joined: 4/17/14
Last Online: 9/20/14
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Location: Turkey
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Last Online: 1/21/14
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Location: Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil
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Location: France
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Location: Kuca, Bosnia-Herzegovina
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  • 5 Ways Chess Can Boost Your Resumé

    Working on your chess doesn’t have to translate to results solely over the board. Experience in chess can go a long way in applications, university personal statements, and job interviews. However, you have to highlight the right skill... | Read More

  • Chess Caviar

       One of the most interesting continual threads in the forums is called "Post Your Own Miniatures Here."  Many very good players post their less-than-thirty-moves games showing off their skill, and sometimes brilliance, in punishing... | Read More

  • Brilliant Endgames, Shirov Style

    Legendary chessplayers are usually remembered for their virtuosity in a particular area of the game. Tal is remembered primarily for his otherwordly tactical genius. Petrosian, as a master of prophylaxis and defense. Karpov, as a titan of positi... | Read More

  • America's First Women's Championship Match

         American women had been playing chess long before establishment of the USCF in the late 1930s.  In fact, as early as the mid 1890s, an officially conducted match was played between two highly considered lady chess players to determine t... | Read More

  • Live chat with Sam Shankland

    Right now - live chat with Sam Shankland on Facebook!!! The USA Golden Boy from the Tromso Olympiad, GM Sam Shankland, has come to Belgrade as a guest of Chess Informant. Playing as a reserve player for the US te... | Read More

    • Continental Open 2014, Round 2, Planting Bad Seed

            Continental Open 2014, Round 2, Reed, Harvey v Moshkevich, Elizabeth (0-1) Summary blog for tournament is here: This is a game where White plants bad seeds early. A... | Read More

      • hreedwork
      • | Sep 21, 2014
    • Why I love poker

      Hold'em No Limit ($0.10/$0.25 USD) Table 'Ariadne' 9-max Hero gets [Qs Qh] Villain 3 ($25) posts small blind Villain 4  ($9.73) posts big blind Villain 5  ($11.80) folds Villain 6 ($25) folds   Hero raises $1 to $1.25 Villain 9 ($25)... | Read More

    • Opening books, yes or no?

      If you go to the "chess books" section of your bookstore, you may well notice that opening books are the predominant genre of chess books being published today. Consequently, most of the books being read are opening books which leads to the questi... | Read More

      • linlaoda
      • | Sep 21, 2014
      • | 1 comment
    • Paul Morphy's greatest hits, #36

      Source: Paul Morphy's Best Games vintage book Morphy's Games of Chess | Read More

      • biffrod
      • | Sep 16, 2014
    • The differential widens

      Am I approaching a record? The difference between my Blitz and Online ratings is almost 600 points. I was pleased to break 2000 online, while my Blitz game (apparently) continues to deteriorate. Is this because Blitz is a measure of yo... | Read More

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  • Colle

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    the colle normaly: or defeated: or colle zuzertork: there are too much other things in colle so i will now do london system: conclusion: i hope you learn! Read More »

  • Vera Menchik Club

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    Players who lost to Vera Menchik.  Before the start of the Carlsbad International Tournament in 1929, Albert Becker said if man should lose to this woman, he would be a member of the Vera Menchik Club.  His was the first member.  Ot... Read More »