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  • A Chess Engine Is NOT Your Friend!

    Several years ago I was visiting a friend and he was online looking at live games in a team match event. One game was between a grandmaster (who had the Black pieces) and an international master. A zillion people were using a zillion chess engin... | Read More

  • The Four Most Amazing World Championship Blunders

    The chess world gasped when in game six of this year's world championship match, both Carlsen and Anand missed a simple tactical shot 26...Nxe5! (see #10 in the second part of this series). Some reporters even rushed to call it "the bi... | Read More

  • Clash of Champions: Kramnik vs. Kasparov

    By 1990, Garry Kasparov had done what nobody had done before since the creation of the world championship: defended his title multiple times against the clearly best challenger. All in all, he and Anatoly Karpov played five quite grueling matches ... | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Oct 3, 2014

    "If you had a choice of seeing the future or reading your opponent's mind as they apply to a chess game, which one would you do?" I never had that question before! If I could see the future (not with regards to the game), there are some options ... | Read More

  • 5 Easy Ways to Enjoy Chess More

    1. Slow Down chess clock with symbolic time by Kristoffersonschach |CC Blitz and bullet chess are great fun, but can you really appreciate the subtle beauty of the game when you're making a move every two seconds? Maybe if you&rsq... | Read More

    • Game Review

          [Event "Live Chess"][Site ""][Date "2015.01.23"][White "ST_ONE"][Black "drexy"][ECO "C57"][ChesscomGameID "1038344205"][Annotator " Computer Analysis"][Result "0-1"][WhiteElo "880"][BlackElo "957"][TimeControl "10|0"][Te... | Read More

      • ST_ONE
      • | Jan 24, 2015
    • The very heart of chess

      You might think that tactics or strategy are the essence of chess. Yet even if you employ perfect tactics and strategy, the game will still be a draw, provided your opponent makes no mistakes. All games that do not end in draws are the result of t... | Read More

      • soler97
      • | Jan 21, 2015
    • vs. tyzxhou (1792) - 1/8/2015

      So anyways, according to the computer analysis, I made 36% blunders. Ouch. | Read More

      • Iy13n
      • | Jan 15, 2015
    • Studying my own game

      Does anyone have tips about how to study my own games? Maybe I should go over games on a board and try to figure things out.  This is a game I played recently. I learned the Smith-Morra Gambit on Chess Mentor, but my oponent declined. So the gam... | Read More

    • Destroying the Bird

      I don't play against the bird very often. However I have been playing the Dutch defense a fair amount lately, and the bird is a lot like the Dutch defense with colors reversed. So what I did shortly after the first move was ask myself, what annoys... | Read More

      • LearnHard
      • | Jan 1, 2015
      • | 1 comment

  • En passant

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    En passant (from French: "in passing") is a maneuver in chess which is performed after a player moves a pawn two squares forward from its starting position, and an opposing pawn captures it as if it had only moved one square. En passant may only... Read More »

  • Ruy Lopez

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    Opening: Ruy Lopez (Spanish)ECO: C60ECO Variations: C60 - C99Type: King's Pawn GamePGN: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5FEN:  r1bqkbnr/pppp1ppp/2n5/1B2p3/4P3/5N2/PPPP1PPP/RNBQK2R b KQkq - 3 3 The Ruy Lopez (also known as the Spanish Opening) is a ches... Read More »

  • tablebase

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    An endgame tablebase is a computerized database that contains precalculated exhaustive analysis of a chess endgame position. It is typically used by a computer chess engine during play, or by a human or computer that is retrospectively anal... Read More »

  • Kasparov, Garry

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    Garry Kasparov, originally named Weinstein, was born on April 13, 1963. He is unainamously regarded as the greatest chess player of all time. In 1976, he was the strongest player in the world under age 13.  He became a grandmaster at 17, the ... Read More »

  • Abonyi, Istvan

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    Istvan Abonyi (1886-1942) was a Hungarian master.  He was born and died in Budapest.  In 1912, he played the Abonyi Gambit (1.Nf3 d5 2.e4) for the first time. In 1916, he played the Budapest Gambit (1.a3 Nf6 2.b3 e5) against  the Dutch surge... Read More »