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  • 6 Things You Should Always Do in Blitz

    Playing live online chess can be great fun, but sometimes you just want to play another person over the board. As we all know, playing over-the-board chess has its own set of rules and guidelines that must be followed in tournament play. Breac... | Read More

  • The Return of Readers’ Games, Part 1

    When I was doing readers’ games (and I’ll return to that at some point next year) I would heap praise on good moves or even interesting moves, and I wouldn’t hesitate to call a horrible move what it was... horrible. Some readers ... | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman May 24, 2013

    Right after the show tonight my wife and I ran out for the 3-D showing of Star Trek: Into Darkness. It was a good movie - we've come a long way in portraying science fiction on the big screen. Ironically I started watching Star Trek about the sam... | Read More

  • Surviving the Perfect Storm

    There are many openings where you fianchetto your Bishop (i.e. you develop your Bishop to g2 for White or to g7 for Black). There your Bishop is going to control the long diagonal and offer an extra protection for your King. But what is that? Your... | Read More

  • Classical Games Everybody Should Know, Part 7

    I am frequently asked if the classical games played by great champions should be memorized. In my opinion it is not necessary. But what you should do for sure is to understand and memorize the key ideas of those games.  If you learn typical p... | Read More

    • نکاتی‌ کلیدی در رابطه با سایت و تیم

      نکاتی‌ کلیدی در رابطه با سایت و تیم 20 months ago · Quote · Delete · #1 robert8867  با سلام خدمت دوستان این فروم، شامل تمامی نکات مهمی‌ است که دوستان ... | Read More

    • The excuses I hear when people run away...

      Please post in this forum your emails... I love f-in around with the people on this site.   lol! :)     You poor thing... I hate to ruin your bloated ego so I'll tell you what... You go ahead and continue thinking you're smart and witty. I ... | Read More

    • Chess Variant Idea

      Off the cuff, here is an idea for a chess variant.   Take a deck of cards, separate the red cards from the black cards.  Ace to 8 of clubs is black pawns, Ace to 8 of hearts is red pawns. 9 of clubs or spades is black knight, 9 of hearts or di... | Read More

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      • | Feb 12, 2015
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    • Epic match, tricky opponent - dailypuzzle

      Dailypuzzle, approaching 1,000,000 profile views, with 50,000+ views per posted content everyday, makes him/her one of the most famous members of community. Everytime at 9:00 am CET (midnight PST), a big number of members is waiting for ... | Read More

      • MSC157
      • | Feb 8, 2015
    • Marshall Chess Club G/60

      Sorry for the sparse notation but this is the second time I entered the games as's stupid blog format deleted the games. I just purchased the plycounter which should make the whole putting my games online a lot easier so it shou... | Read More

  • July 2011 FIDE Rating List

    Magnus Carlsen has regained the #1 position at the top of the official FIDE world chess rankings. Carlsen gained six rating points during the Bazna Kings tournament, pushing world champion Vishy Anand back down to #2. Carlsen tweeted that he was,... | Read More

  • Computer Workout 2.0

    Today I'd like to unveil what will be an extremely valuable training tool for those who choose to make use of it: Computer Workout. What? You've seen it before? Tried it before? No way! This is a 90% "completely" new Computer Workout, redesigned ... | Read More

  • Big Release of Features, Bug Fixes, and Upgrades

    We've been cranking away on cool new features, bug fixes, and improvements for the last several weeks and we are adding them all to the site today! Most of the improvements have come from YOUR suggestions and YOUR bug reports! Below is a list ... | Read More

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  • Chessmaster for Nintendo DS

    For the past year I have been searching for a good handheld portable chess computer, but after ordering some less expensive versions with highly pixelated LCD screens I have been disappointed until Chessmaster for the Nintendo DS was released. I&#... | Read More