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  • 6 Reasons To Watch Our Chess Puzzle Marathon (And Not Game Of Thrones)

    IM Daniel Rensch has tried live daily puzzle sessions before, racing against the clock to complete chess tactics before the timer expires. But even Chess.com’s master tactics trainer hasn’t attempted anything like this. This Sunday... | Read More

  • Lasker's Chess Wisdom

    The second world champion in chess history, Emanuel Lasker, was a unique person. Besides being the champion for 27 years (this record will never be beaten for sure!), he was also a famous mathematician and philosopher.  In his prime Lasker ... | Read More

  • Honest Abe

    Honest Abe - Chess Player      Although the documentation is rather sparce and anecdotal,  Abraham Lincoln was known to have been a chess player.  Below are a few of the instances where Chess crossed path with Mr. Lincoln. "The Eve... | Read More

  • José Raúl Capablanca's Greatest Positional Wins

    José Maria Capablanca was a busy man. A lieutenant in the cavalry division of the Spanish army, he spent his limited free time playing chess with fellow soldiers. One day, his four-year-old-son José Raúl decided to reliev... | Read More

  • The 5 Best Computer Chess Engines

    Computers are the future of chess. Almost everyone agrees on that. But the statement doesn’t go far enough. By and large, computers are also the present of chess. With the question of man vs. machine long-ago settled over the chessboard,... | Read More

    • Chess is amazing

      This was a 10 min blitz game. After outplaying my opponent with Black pieces, the position below was reached. In this moment my stubborn opponent resigned at such overwhelming disadvantage. Later I reviewed this game and suddenly was shocked when... | Read More

    • Who Killed Your Chess Visual Acuity?

      LS, or Basic Unit of Visual Acuity for Pattern Recognition in Chess Last time we saw that the basics of chess are actually a mindset, a thought process (something that goes true for any domain of human activity). And the basics of the basics, t... | Read More

    • Book reviews: "Liquidation on the chessboard" and "Taimanov: The English Attack"

      That title is pretty horrible, but I'm told it's very "googleable". Let's go with that. I recently received three books from New in Chess. Two of them are your run-of-the-mill chess books: well written, somewhat typical and, simply, good books. ... | Read More

      • smurfo
      • | May 24, 2015
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    • Memorial Day 2015--The Navy Hymn

      In honor of Memorial Day, May 25, 2015, I offer this article on The Navy Hymn, "Eternal Father, Strong to Save". Here is the song sung by The U.S. Navy Band's Sea Chanters: https://youtu.be/Bnm-4kSLKdI The original words were written as a poem ... | Read More

      • pikachu4u
      • | May 24, 2015
    • So why the blog ?

      The purpose of the previous two posts is simply background,  how I got to where I am.  The reason I am doing this is not simply to share anicdotes with people who play chess, but in this new age of computers and understanding to develop my game.... | Read More

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