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  • Shadow Pictures of the Vienna Players

         The Vienna Chess Tournament of 1898, one of many tournaments sponsored by Albert von Rothschild, ran from May 31 to July 25 and was played at the Vienna Chess Club.  It attracted many strong and now-famous masters. Tarrasch and Pillsb... | Read More

  • Pete's Pathetic Chess: 'Never Good'

    Chess.com fans have marveled at my uncanny ability to play pathetic chess, and yet win all the same. That won’t be the case today. Unlike the first two games featured in this column, this next game boasts the logical and just conclusion of... | Read More

  • Bishops Do Not Retreat!

    Some time ago, I wrote an article with a similar title where we discussed a sacrifice that happens when Black plays h7-h6 and attacks White's Ng5, but instead of moving the knight back, White plays Ng5xf7! starting an attack. Today we'll analyze... | Read More

  • The Rubinstein Maneuver

    "A master cogitates carefully, perhaps a half-hour on a move. Finally, he chooses the correct square for the correct piece and places it there. A grand master is much more skillful. He hardly thinks at all; he throws the piece into the air and it ... | Read More

  • Capablanca's Nimzo-Indian: World Champion Openings

    Like Emanuel Lasker, his successor, Jose Raul Capablanca, was less of a theoretician and more of a keen practical player. Lasker utilized his great psychological understanding and clever trickiness, while Capablanca's skill rested in his innate un... | Read More

    • Busted openings #4 - Black plays d5 too early in the Spanish

      One of Black's main objectives in the Ruy Lopez is to get the move d5 in. With the support of the Nf6 this pawn thrust takes a jab at the white center by attacking the e4-pawn, forcing White to make a decision. In taking it they give up their cent... | Read More

    • The Earth Moves

      Here is a game I played recently on freechess.org (unrated,15 5). White (that's me) launched a tactical onslaught that unnerved Black to the point of distraction, allowing a bold White pawn to back the Black Queen into a cul-de-sac. Black's error... | Read More

      • Coronus
      • | Aug 30, 2015
      • | 1 comment
    • Develop Logical Thinking in the Endgame (Intense King and Pawn Study)

      This is probably one of my top-tier blog posts for improving in chess endings. I have several that I am proud of, many that I think are pretty good, and a few others that I wish I could re-do. That is just the nature of studying… we are not at o... | Read More

      • PaulEChess
      • | Aug 30, 2015
    • chess.com streamers challenge

      I have just got accepted into the chess.com streamers challenge and I wanted to invite you guys to watch my stream!!!!!!!! My twitch username is bulletking0411. If you have a twitch account, please follow me.  I stream every Wednesday at 4 p.m. e... | Read More

      • rynos0411
      • | Aug 30, 2015
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    • Can you play tactics played by a worldchampion? 6

      This series is going about tactics played by a worldchampion. Can you solve them? The previous part was going about José Raúl Capablanca. If you don't see the whole game with commentary after solving the puzzle, then click on the question mark... | Read More

      • vc153415
      • | Aug 30, 2015

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