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Location: nimbin, Australia
Joined: 5/1/14
Last Online: 5/1/14
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Location: U.S., United States
Joined: 1/26/09
Last Online: 10/21/14
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  • The Romance of Chess

    "After Anderssen's departure, Paul Morphy declared he would play no more even matches, and, certainly, his resolve was justified by the unheard of manner in which he had walked over all opponents."  -Frederick Edge          Althoug... | Read More

  • Pawn Breaks, part 3

    What would you say if it was the last word you were to speak? What would you do if it was the last thing you were to do? What opening would you write about if it was your last opening column you were to write? That was a little too dramatic for a ... | Read More

  • Of Non-Theory and Non-Memorization

    33speedy asked: I was playing in a tournament today with the black pieces. I played the Budapest and my opponent declined it (1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e5 3.Nf3). I thought the way I responded was reasonable (3…exd4 4.Nxd4 b6 5.Nc3 Bb7), but when I went ho... | Read More

  • How to beat a much better player

    How should you play when you face an opponent who is hundreds of points higher rated than you are and has a wealth of experience? Should you play your regular opening or choose something tricky that might catch the opponent in a trap? Should you g... | Read More

  • Training program for beginners

    Chess training program for ratings < 1200 Disclaimer:These advice are taken from my personal (short) experience. They are written by a novice for the novice. I only release my ideas today to the public. Nobody ever tried these programs and I ... | Read More

    • Learning chess: Week 3: Tournaments are fun

      In my 3th week of playing chess I haven't actually spend much time in studying or analysing games. Instead I spend much more time in playing, and had lots of fun with it.  Learning chess is a long endavour and not something you will learn overni... | Read More

      • Passero82
      • | Oct 19, 2014
    • Telford A v Priorslee lions A

      Having personally been forced to miss the league opener against Shrewsbury A I was pleased that the team had got the league off to a good start having bagged the spoils. In what I can by all reports gather was a tight afffiar.   Priorslee Lion... | Read More

    • Learning chess: Week 1

      About a week ago I joined chess.com because I got interested in chess. As a total beginner I only knew how to move the pieces but knew little or nothing about tactics, openings, mid- and endgame. There is a long road ahead for me and I intend to ... | Read More

      • Passero82
      • | Oct 3, 2014
    • Lasker's Manual Book One

      Today - Daily Chess Score 933, Live-Standard 1017  So looking through chess books for inspiration I have had trouble finding a book that didn't look like a huge list of lines. Those books are great too I am sure but I am the kind of person who h... | Read More

    • Develope to achieve the initiative...keep piece on the board in pawn end game

      Sacrifice a pawn to demolish opponent's connected pawns | Read More

      • Ronliv
      • | Sep 24, 2014