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  • The Best Chess Books Ever

    Lately I’ve gotten several letters from chess fans who want to know what kind of chess books I like, and what books I consider to be the best of all time. That kind of “best-ever” list is very much a matter of taste, and a small list is imp... | Read More

  • When a Loser Becomes a Winner

    There are chess games that have their own names. Everyone knows the 'Evergreen Game', the 'Immortal Game', the 'Opera Game', etc. We enjoy the genius and tactical skills of the winners and their names are engraved in the Golden Book of Chess. But ... | Read More

  • A New Time Control

    By IA Eric Schiller I propose a new time control to speed up games while preserving quality. Most games these days don’t require time in the prepared portions of openings or in technical positions in endgames. One minute per move is enough. Howe... | Read More

  • Opening Survey: The Mrphy Gambit

    This is a survey of the literature on the Morphy Gambit, an excellent weapon for White that begins 1.e4 e5 2.Bc4 Nf6  3.Nf3 Nxe4 4.Nc3. It is also a nice sharp reply to the boring Petroff. I present the views from the following sources with many ... | Read More

  • The Boden Gambit

    The Boden Gambit was first introduced to me by Eric Schiller's 'First Chess Opening', and ever since then, I occasionally use it in my local club, especially when playing blitz. As quoted by Mikhail Tal, 'in speed chess, it is easier to attack wit... | Read More


      “Playing well requires study – period. There are more or less sophisticated ways to play the game, and those unwilling to face up to the REALITY of CHESS KNOWLEDGE will be consigned forever to be ineffective, ignorant underachievers” –DAVI... | Read More

      • DuCannibis
      • | Jan 4, 2015
    • The Amateur Analyzes his game Post2

      The Amateur Analyzes his game part2 Hello community im here again for my game blog. As usual, no computer analysis is used in the annotiations.Just plain old me analyzing the games and sharing some insights as to what drives me to play s... | Read More

      • konhidras
      • | May 7, 2014
    • Parody Interview in Honor of the Late Anthony Miles (He Would Have Been 59 on April 23)

      What follows is a parody interview published eight years ago by, as an April Fool's joke and as an honor to the late Tony Miles. The interviewee is the fictional character Tony Meters. In the interview, Tony Meters bashes a fictional... | Read More

      • OneArrow
      • | Mar 28, 2014
    • Diabetes and Chess

      Diabetes mellitus, or simply diabetes, is a condition in which the body cannot properly store and use fuel for energy.  To use a sugar called glucose for fuel, the body needs a hormone called insulin, which is made by the pancreas.  Diabetes dev... | Read More

      • billwall
      • | Nov 4, 2013
    • A Technical Flow: Chess and Jiu Jitsu

      LISTEN: A Technical Flow, by Kalhi feat. Ryron Gracie On the mat I battle cats, the same way I’ll take your back/  A strategized a plan of attack- Kalhi  A Technical Flow zug·zwang    [tsook-tsvahng] A noun In chess a situation in ... | Read More

  • Desprez Opening

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    The Desprez Opening is a chess opening characterized by the opening move: 1. h4The opening is named after the French player Marcel Desprez. Like a number of other rare openings, 1.h4 has some alternate names such as"Kadas Opening", "Anti... Read More »

  • Karch, Robert

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    Robert Alfred Karch (1930-2010) was born on March 24, 1930.  He was active in organized chess for over 60 years.   Robert played chess for the Lincoln High School team in Tacoma Washington in the 1940s.  He enlisted in the United States Army ... Read More »