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  • The All-Time World Chess Champion Bracket: Finals

    Who is the greatest world chess champion ever? Magnus Carlsen defeated Vishy Anand yesterday in the 2014 world chess championship in Sochi to defend his title. Meanwhile, the All-Time World Chess Championship... | Read More

  • Ryan Wins Pandolfini's Class Chess Tournament

    Professor: Well class, it's all over. Zephyr: You mean life itself? Professor: No, just the class tournament. Zephyr: Oh that. Hale: I thought it was a pretty good event. Professor: In fact, let's give a big hand to our new class champio... | Read More

  • All About Mary

          Mary Weiser Bain always seemed to have gotten lost in the shadows of Mona May Karff and Gisela Gresser.  But this pioneer of women's chess in the United States played no less a role.  While Gresser was home-grown, Mary Bain was born in... | Read More

  • The Secret Weapon Of Super Grandmasters

    The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once said: "Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. In the first it is ridiculed; in the second it is opposed; in the third it is regarded as self-evident." There are ... | Read More

  • Winning when you are up an Exchange (or two!)

    This is part of my column Move by Move: Chess Improvement. To get your game analyzed, join the group: Move by Move Chess Improvement Now let's get started! I would like to thank Ala_ for posting this game. I chose this game because it featu... | Read More

    • Tactics Puzzles Memorization 1-150

      3rd video about this site.>>> VIDEO LINK >>> to learn the patterns on November 8th 2014.More videos to come wh... | Read More


      50  Famously Successful People Who Failed at First Not everyone who’s on top today got there with success after success. More often than not, those who history best remembers were faced with numerous obstacles that forced them to work harder a... | Read More

    • The hut

                  The cold blew through the smallest part of valley. Desolate hills hid from the cold winter. Nothing primarily was happening but they knew it was cold. Frostbitten cattle were just above the bluff. Colored with lots of deep icicl... | Read More

    • "The Mocking Jay"

      I want to see the movie ,"The Mocking Jay,".I've seen the previews and it looks interesting.It seems that it has more conflict than the movie,"Catching Fire". | Read More

    • Tactics Puzzles Memorization 1-100

      2nd video about this site. 2/3 patterns are broken (i.e N66 & N72) because some pieces miss on the original FEN.>>> VIDEO LINK >>> -----------------------------------------------------------------... | Read More

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  • Fire of Squad

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    Fire of Squad, or the Two Rook Checkmate is a type of checkmate using two rooks, a queen and a rook or two queens. It consists in forcing the king to one border of the board and making a checkmate there. Read More »

  • Kempelen, Farkas

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    Farkas Kempelen (1734-1804) was the Inventor of the first automaton, The Chess Playing Turk, in 1769.  He built it for the sole purpose of entertaining and mystifying the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria.  It was not a true mac... Read More »

  • Turk

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    Nickname of the first automaton.  Made by Wolfgang von Kempelen in 1789.  Operators included Allgaier in 1809, Weyle in 1818, Boncourt in 1818, William Lewis in 1818 to 1819, Mouret in 1820, and Schlumberger (1826 to 1838).  It was ... Read More »

  • Club, chess

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    The world's first chess club was organized in Italy in 1550. The first chess club in England was Slaughter's Coffee House, founded in London, England in 1715.  The oldest chess club in Europe is the Zurich Chess Club, founded in 1809... Read More »

  • Bosnia

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    In 1993, a person was shot and killed while playing a chess game in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the first to die from sniper fire while playing chess.   The first chess championship of Bosnia-Herzegovina was held in 1994, won by Rade Milovanovic... Read More »