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  • Hikaru Nakamura: Rise of the Machines, the Conclusion

    In the first part of this article, we left our Chess Terminator playing countless blitz and bullet games during the last free day of the championship. In the following seventh round, Nakamura had a very tough opponent. By the way, this is a good... | Read More

  • How Bobby Fischer Saved Game of Thrones

    You might know that Bobby Fischer was responsible for creating unprecedented excitement in the United States chess community when he defeated Boris Spassky to win the 1972 world championship over the Soviet Union. Fischer’s victory inspired mi... | Read More

  • Review: My Junior Years in 20 Games

    One of the first chess books I bought myself was a red little volume in German called Garrik Kasparow - Idol der Jugend by T.Lais. Published in 1983 - when Kasparov was just 20 years old - it contained 60 lightly annotated games played by the late... | Read More

  • The Difficult Opponent

    The Kryptonite Effect Many fans of chess are confused when one player in the world’s top 10 totally dominates another top 10 player in game after game. How does one explain this? In boxing they say “styles make fights.&rdquo... | Read More

  • Fire on the Boards in Tromso

    Hi guys, From August 1st through the 14th - the Chess Olympiad will be going on in Tromso, Norway So far, almost two rounds are completed, and there have been some blunders, time trouble, and some amazing tactical games Blunders If playing the... | Read More

    • Morphy - The Opera Game

      Analysis from Wikipedia. The chess game played in 1858 at an opera house in Paris between the American chess master Paul Morphy and two strong amateurs, the German noble Duke Karl of Brunswick and the French aristocrat Count Isouard, is am... | Read More

      • mattohara
      • | Aug 28, 2014
    • My Local Games! Part - 2 Inter-school chess competition Daman!

      Hey Guys, It's been a while i have taken up writing a blog but i can assure you this blog will be much more fun than the previous one! Lets start with some talk about one of my peculiar friend, Shriom! (Rtg - 1245) We two are the only rateds here... | Read More

      • Warrior200
      • | Aug 28, 2014
    • Chapter 1 - How to Reassess Your Chess (4th edition) by IM Silman (Part 1)

      Part 1 - The Concept of Imbalances "A sound plan makes us all heroes, the absence of a plan, idiots." -G.M. Kotov   Imbalances - Learning the ABCs Just about everyone has problems with planning. The typical player does what he feels like do... | Read More

    • 'Popeye' - The Chess Hitman ...

      Popeye", started working forColombian drugs lord Pablo Escobar at the age of 18, rising up the ranks to become his most trusted and loyal hitman. By the time he was arrested, in 1992, he had killed 250 people with his own hands – includin... | Read More

      • Henryongmy
      • | Aug 27, 2014
    • Jurnalul Prieteniei

      Motto:,,Un prieten adevarat iti stie slabiciunile,dar iti arata calitatile,iti simte temerile,dar iti intareste credinta,iti cunoaste ingrijorarile,dar iti elibereaza spiritul,iti recunoaste defectele,dar iti subliniaza posibilitatile.''William Ar... | Read More

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  • Fire of Squad

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    Fire of Squad, or the Two Rook Checkmate is a type of checkmate using two rooks, a queen and a rook or two queens. It consists in forcing the king to one border of the board and making a checkmate there. Read More »

  • Kempelen, Farkas

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    Farkas Kempelen (1734-1804) was the Inventor of the first automaton, The Chess Playing Turk, in 1769.  He built it for the sole purpose of entertaining and mystifying the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria.  It was not a true mac... Read More »

  • Turk

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    Nickname of the first automaton.  Made by Wolfgang von Kempelen in 1789.  Operators included Allgaier in 1809, Weyle in 1818, Boncourt in 1818, William Lewis in 1818 to 1819, Mouret in 1820, and Schlumberger (1826 to 1838).  It was ... Read More »

  • Club, chess

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    The world's first chess club was organized in Italy in 1550. The first chess club in England was Slaughter's Coffee House, founded in London, England in 1715.  The oldest chess club in Europe is the Zurich Chess Club, founded in 1809... Read More »

  • Bosnia

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    In 1993, a person was shot and killed while playing a chess game in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the first to die from sniper fire while playing chess.   The first chess championship of Bosnia-Herzegovina was held in 1994, won by Rade Milovanovic... Read More »