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  • Who Is The Architect Of Modern Chess?

    I am the proud owner of the obscure volume Pillsbury's Chess Career, published in 1922 by the American Chess Bulletin and written by two English amateurs, Philip Walsingham Sergeant and William Henry Watts. For several months i... | Read More

  • Almost a Champion

         To the chess-players of England the 18th century was just a fading memory.  Philidor had died and Verdoni, a man with a forgotten first name, took up his reins as professional at Parsloe's in London until he himself died in 1804.  At th... | Read More

  • The Fighting Dragon Video Series

    If the Sicilian is the vehicle driving Black’s equalizing chances, the Dragon is its engine. For years, White has struggled to find a definite answer to counter the Sicilian. The Dragon variation, also known as the Draco Star, has only furth... | Read More

  • Walter Browne's 9 Best Games

    Last week, chess fans received the sad news that GM Walter Browne had died at 66. Browne was a legendary chess figure in the United States, a six-time national champion, and a fixture in the strongest chess tournaments for decades. FM Mike Kle... | Read More

  • Game Of Thrones Or Chess Puzzles?

    IM Daniel Rensch has tried live daily puzzle sessions before, racing against the clock to complete chess tactics before the timer expires. But even’s master tactics trainer hasn’t attempted anything like this. This Sunday... | Read More

    • Product Review - Pinewood Chess Set

      It has been a long time since I wrote a chess set review, but this one is just too good to pass up! A few weeks ago as I was scrounging the internet for stock chess photos to use on this site, I came across the image of an amazing chess set cut f... | Read More

    • What I learnt from my late friend Nicky

      I’d like to share a bit of my personal life with you guys, and tell you about what one incredibly influential friend of mine has done to changed my life, and made me who I am today. I hope that for anyone who reads this can gain something positi... | Read More

      • famer
      • | Aug 1, 2015
    • MUSIC NEWS: Capital Kings Announce New Album & Release Single

      One of my favorite "bands," Capital Kings, have announced that their next album, II, will be released this October. It is confirmed to be an LP, with a more EDMy sound compared to their debut album. Also, I can confirm Fireblazin and Into Your Arm... | Read More

      • mapayt
      • | Aug 1, 2015
    • Sprinkle some more L❤VE [Music blog]

      SONGFACTS This is one of several tracks that was produced by Stefani's fellow Voicementor and longtime collaborator Pharrell for her third solo album. Speaking with AMP radio's Carson Daly, the singer explained the story of the song. "He's... | Read More

    • A Small Story

                      Once up on a time in Ramapuram, there lived a poor couple Peramma and Perayya. Perayya used to cut firewood and sell them in the market to feed his family. But Peramma was very much greed of money and heavy wealth. She use... | Read More

      • K_Hitesh
      • | Jul 29, 2015

Video Lessons


  • Fire of Squad

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    Fire of Squad, or the Two Rook Checkmate is a type of checkmate using two rooks, a queen and a rook or two queens. It consists in forcing the king to one border of the board and making a checkmate there. Read More »

  • Kempelen, Farkas

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    • | 6 Reads

    Farkas Kempelen (1734-1804) was the Inventor of the first automaton, The Chess Playing Turk, in 1769.  He built it for the sole purpose of entertaining and mystifying the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria.  It was not a true mac... Read More »

  • Turk

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    Nickname of the first automaton.  Made by Wolfgang von Kempelen in 1789.  Operators included Allgaier in 1809, Weyle in 1818, Boncourt in 1818, William Lewis in 1818 to 1819, Mouret in 1820, and Schlumberger (1826 to 1838).  It was ... Read More »

  • Club, chess

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    The world's first chess club was organized in Italy in 1550. The first chess club in England was Slaughter's Coffee House, founded in London, England in 1715.  The oldest chess club in Europe is the Zurich Chess Club, founded in 1809... Read More »

  • Bosnia

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    In 1993, a person was shot and killed while playing a chess game in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the first to die from sniper fire while playing chess.   The first chess championship of Bosnia-Herzegovina was held in 1994, won by Rade Milovanovic... Read More »