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  • The Greatest Chess Minds Video Series

    Let this video guide serve as the official reference point to help you find videos on your favorite chess players throughout history! has enjoyed lessons from the best coaches and players within our game. Hopefully,... | Read More

  • The Nimzowitsch Knight Dance

    Knights are tricky little pieces. Often seen dancing around the board like little mischievous imps, knights have the power to bewilder and confuse even the strongest of grandmasters. I want to take a deeper look at one particular knigh... | Read More

  • The One-Two Chess Combo

    Today we are going to continue our analysis of "chess-boxing" combos. According to Wikipedia, in boxing, the one-two combo is a nickname of a jab and cross combo. In chess, the one-two combo starts with a queen jab, which we discussed here. Th... | Read More

  • What Is The Greatest Brilliancy Ever?

    From time to time I put together various reader questions and comments (while ignoring the “Die Silman Die!” raves) and share them with the good folks on I try to give a good mix of subjects so that there will be a bit of so... | Read More

  • Walter Browne's 9 Best Games

    Last week, chess fans received the sad news that GM Walter Browne had died at 66. Browne was a legendary chess figure in the United States, a six-time national champion, and a fixture in the strongest chess tournaments for decades. FM Mike Kle... | Read More

    • Real game tactics 18: an instructive endgame

      This is an instructive endgame played by Robert James Fischer (FIDE-rating January 1971: 2740) played in 1971 against Mark Taimanov (FIDE-rating January 1971: 2620), this match was one of the matches played in the quarter final of the candidates t... | Read More

      • vc153415
      • | Jul 28, 2015
    • Fischer's Bust to the King's Gambit

      A BUST TO THE KING'S GAMBIT  by U.S. Champion Bobby Fischer  International Grandmaster  The King's Gambit has lost popularity, but not sympathy.  Analysts treat it with kid gloves and seem reluctant to  demonstrate an outright refuatation.... | Read More

    • The line between unsound and stupid

      There's a small group at chess dot com devoted to the 1. d4 Nf6 2. g4 gambit, where a couple of European players shared some very nice games. My kind of folk, so I joined them, though it smacks of the "guild dinkiness" that I railed against as a g... | Read More

    • King's Gambit: Amateurs in the Fischer's Defense

      In the second round of a regional chess tournament I again faced a much weaker opponent (in round one I experienced in the opening and then won quite convincingly). This time again I varied already at the first move from my usual 1.d4 to 1.e4, act... | Read More

      • kurze15
      • | Jul 26, 2015
    • More lucky than good at 960

      I've entered and won two of the regularly-scheduled (1600 server time on Tuesdays) 960 events at FICS, for being more lucky than good, though it's always fun to beat the #1 seed. Annotating this game, I wondered how White achieved a 2300 rating. ... | Read More

Video Lessons

  • Modern Benoni

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    • | 0 Reads

    The Modern Benoni is a chess opening that begins with the moves 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 c5 3.d5 e6. It is classified under the ECO codes A60–A79. After the initial moves, Black proceeds to capture on d5, creating a majority of black pawns... Read More »

  • Sicilian Defence

    • 305 Reads
    • | 305 Reads

    The Sicilian Defence is an opening very rich in independent variations to the extent that it is always mentioned along with the mainline variation that followed. Black's purpose of playing 1...c5 is to undermine white's center by taking contro... Read More »

  • Chess960

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    Chess960 (Fischer random) is a chess variant created by Bobby Fischer where the pieces on the back rank are randomized, there are 960 possible starting possitions, hence the name Chess960 As you can see the pawns a still on rank 2/7 but the piece... Read More »

  • Benko, Pal

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    • | 9 Reads

    Pal Benko was in Amiens, France on Jul 15, 1928 but grew up in Budapest, Hungary. Benko learned chess from his father in 1938, at the age of 10.  His first book was a collection of Capablanca’s chess games. In June 1945, in his first chess to... Read More »

  • Evans, Larry

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    • | 36 Reads

    Larry Melvyn Evans (March 22, 1932 – November 15, 2010) was an  was an American Chess Grandmaster, author and journalist. He won or shared the U.S. Open Chess Championship five times and the U.S. Open Chess Championship four times.  He won or ... Read More »