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  • Titled Tuesday: What You Need To Know

    Titled Tuesday is's flagship competitive event, and starting in October 2015, there will be double the fun with two tournaments on the first Tuesday of every month. Any verified titled player may participate for free, with the chance t... | Read More

  • Notation

    "At the root of all advances in the science of chess-play lies the necessity of discovering an intelligible system of notation, by means of which the squares of the board may be easily defined and the moves of the pieces recorded."  — H.J.R. M... | Read More

  • Cracked Grandmaster Tales

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    • Rook vs Bishop Endgames

      Hello Chess Fans,   The King and Rook vs a King and Bishop wins approximately 40% of the time, but you can increase your percentages by knowing the best way of securing a mate. How you ask?  It's a two part answer:  Going for t... | Read More

    • Pawn Structure Chess - The Caro Structure

      Over the next few weeks, I will be going over the book Pawn Structure Chess by Andrew Soltis with Robert0905. We are still working on the details of how we will be presenting this to you all, but be sure to check out his blog and his group for mor... | Read More

      • PaulEChess
      • | Oct 6, 2015
    • Prodigy Program - October 2015 Registration Open!

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      • GeniusKJ
      • | Oct 5, 2015
    • Tiebreaker System - 2015 Chess World Cup

      If there is a tied game after a regular game. The tiebreaker game will be the next game. Here is the format:   Two rapid games (25 minutes + 10 seconds increment per move) If the game is tied after 2 rapid games: Two rapid games (10 minutes + 1... | Read More

    • Rook vs Knight Endgames

      Hello Chess Fans, A King & Knight vs a King & Rook Endgame is a theoretical draw; however there are several RULES you need to know to maintain the draw if you're playing with the knight: 1. Keep the king and knight close together.  I... | Read More

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  • The Oxford Companion to Chess

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    The Oxford Companion to Chess is a reference book on chess written by David Hooper and Kenneth Whyld. The book is written in an encyclopedia format. The book belongs to the Oxford Companions series. Read More »