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    • Strelka 5.5 wins 2014 World Chess Engines Knockout Championships (Informal)

      World Champion chess engine Strelka 5.5 congratulations!  Prior to this tournament I had run numerous Swiss style,gauntlet style and "knockout format tourneys on both Arena and on the Fritz GUI........I stsrted leaning on the Fritz GUI due to the... | Read More

    • ¿Cómo mejorar mi ajedrez?

      En estas últimas ediciones de Ajedrez Urbano, se ha presentado el tema de cómo estudiar ajedrez. Bueno, decidí publicar este post comenzando por el "qué" estudiar ya que me parece más directo. Todo lo que sigue está basado en mi experiencia... | Read More

      • zarcasmo
      • | Feb 4, 2014
    • From the mind of a newbie :)

      I was once rated as high as 1700 ( and 1600 ( &  Chess has never been an obsession for me.  But here are some tips that, in my opinion, are golden: 1) Don't over-attack.  One way to look at over-attac... | Read More

    • We May Learn Wisdom?

      "We May Learn Wisdom: First, by Reflection, which is Noblest; Second, by Imitation, which is Easiest; and Third by Experience, which is the Bitterest." (Confucius) We need Reflection to see the different parts of the Truth. Imitation is n... | Read More

    • "The Wisdom is in the Exact Point " Online Chess Lessons

      ¨The Wisdom is in the Exact Point¨ Aristotle The Life is like Cooking. You need to discover How much Salt or Sugar is the perfect point.  The Key is the Balance. In Chess We Need to Put to Work All the Pieces and Have a Perfect Balance Be... | Read More