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Location: Indonesia
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Location: negegoda, Sri Lanka
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    • How to Avoid Typical Mistakes

      Hello chess friends! Today, we start our blog with an interesting question: How many of you want to avoid the most common mistakes in their games? The answer is simple: Everyone does. The problem is that most chess players tend to do different mis... | Read More

      • TigerLilov
      • | Aug 22, 2014
    • Halfway through 2014 and continuing to seek female chess players in San Antonio.

      We are halfway through 2014 and I am continuing to seek to increase the interest of potential female chess players in San Antonio. My Facebook group page is as follows: This is how I choose ... | Read More

    • The Room

      In that place between wakefulness and dreams, I found myself in the room. There were no distinguishing features save for the one wall covered with small index-card files. They were like the ones in libraries that list titles by author or subject i... | Read More

      • Nongsha_A
      • | Aug 21, 2014
    • Tournament Adventures: Columbia Open and Breaking 2300

      It's been a while since I've been able to post. Fortunately, the reason is that I've simply been too busy playing chess  This past weekend (August 15th-17th) I had the pleasure of playing in the Columbia Open run by the Columbia Chess Club (www.... | Read More

    • There it was and then it wasn't

      An ethereal being whisped its way into a crazy direction. I am not sure which way it went. Nor were the townspeople of such an occurrence. It wasn't an occurrence. It was a whispy -creamy ethereal torgulus. These creatures or beings were always ... | Read More

Video Lessons

  • Duque, Ray III

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    • | 0 Reads

    Ray Duque III was born in the Philippines on October 16, 1944. He started playing chess in the early 1960s but stoped playing the game because he was a Bit Player Actor in those years in the Philippines and was dancing the Ballroom/Latin Dancing w... Read More »

  • Adly, Ahmed

    • 2 Reads
    • | 2 Reads

    Ahmed Adly, born Feb 19, 1987, was the first Egyptian Grandmaster (2005), and the youngest-ever from Africa.  In 2001, he was African Under-20 champion.  In 2003, he contracted malaria while playing in a chess tournament in Nigeria. ... Read More »

  • Stroebeck

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    • | 3 Reads

    Village in the Harz Mountains, near Halberstadt in eastern Germany.   Legend has it that in 1011 A.D., Henry II of Germany decreed that the Wendish Count of Gungelin be delivered to the Bishop of Stroebeck, to be kept in solitary confine... Read More »

  • Correspondence chess

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    • | 2 Reads

    Perhaps the first reputed correspondence game of chess was played in 1119 by King Henry I (1068-1135)  of England and King Louis VI (1081-1137) of France. The earliest  known postal game was between a Dutch army officer named Freidrich W... Read More »