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  • Clash of Champions: Steinitz vs Lasker

    As we move along in our exploration of the endgames that defined the battles for the world championship, we come to the 1894 match between Emanuel Lasker and Wilhelm Steinitz, which took place in New York, Philadelphia, and Montreal. In the year... | Read More

  • Monster Opening Preparation

    Serious opening preparation is a must for all chess professionals. At times, the preparation is mundane: NORMAL OPENING PREPARATION  1) You decide to play a new opening that had attracted you for years, or you saw something new and exc... | Read More

  • Living Chess

         Chess has had some difficulty throughout the years in presenting itself as a form of public entertainment. There has been some isolated cases where chess made good TV and even a few instances where chess was limelighted and managed to ca... | Read More

  • Classic Pawn Structure, Part 3b

    In our first look at this pawn structure in Part 3a we explored the piece setups, dynamics, and general plans of the Burn Variation of the French Defense. Though doubling one’s kingside pawns early in the game may look idiotic, the resulting str... | Read More

  • Review: John Nunn's Chess Course

    There is much debate these days about whether Magnus Carlsen has already surpassed Garry Kasparov as the best player of all time - have these people forgotten that Carlsen has only been World Champion for less than a year now? Kasparov reigned for... | Read More

    • Gak usah sok ngejual isu kemanusiaan, segitunya nyari duit hari ini :D

      Tiap hari tambah banyak saja orang goblog yang sok peduli nasib bangsa lain,seperti konflik palestina & israel, nyatanya cuma alat buat nyari objekan lewat simpati. Media sma busuknya, menjual isu2 provokatif yg tak sepantasnya untuk mendongkr... | Read More

    • Ye Cannae Beat the Canny Scotch!

      Ch3ckm8 in 8!.... it was a braw bricht moonlicht nicht this Monday nicht at oor wee chess club. Below is a nice little trap in the Scotch Gambit that I was lucky to pull off in our Monday night rapid. (still had 8 minutes left on the old tick to... | Read More

    • Should "Beginners" Learn Chess Openings?

      First of all, a 1000 is NOT a beginner! Many people try to act like they are chess masters while everyone below them is a patzer. I read something the other day that was some idiot saying everyone below 2300 is a patzer!  That is just insanity! ... | Read More

    • Bird Opening: Wagner-Zwitersch Gambit

      The Bird opening (1.f4) as such is no part of my standard opening repertoire. When my opponent in a TM answered me with the symmetrical 1. ..f5, this gave me the perfect opportunity to give up a pawn (2.e4), and enter the Wagner-Zwitersch Gambit. ... | Read More

      • Ultraman81
      • | Jul 8, 2014
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    • Anaylzing Sam shalkland vs d Hassell

      1.C4 this is the English opening -C5 the symmetrical line 2. Nc3 there are 3 options here Nf3 the most popular, Nc3 and G3, -G6 3.G3 the most played move –Bg7 4.Bg2 just developing and getting ready to castle. 5. Nf3 getting ready to Castle ... | Read More

      • gluestix
      • | Jul 7, 2014

Video Lessons

  • King's Gambit

    • 635 Reads
    • | 635 Reads

    The King's Gambit is a chess opening characterised by very lively and aggresive play which is the case for most gambits. It has been very popular in the 19th century, the era of romatic chess, where attacking chess was at his peak. Nowdays it is ... Read More »

  • Scandinavian Defense

    • 1561 Reads
    • | 1561 Reads

    The Scandinavian Defense (also known as the Center Counter) is the chess opening characterized by the first moves 1.e4 d5. At first characterized as a beginner's move, it has recently been revived, with several GM's trying it. Although the Scandi... Read More »

  • Italian Game

    • 0 Reads
    • | 0 Reads

    'Italian game' refers to any game that follows after the sequence 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4. This includes both the Two Knights Defense (3. ...Nf6) and the Giuoco Piano (3. ...Bc4). 'Italian Game' is more accurate than Giuoco Piano, since this lite... Read More »

  • Harwitz bishops

    • 0 Reads
    • | 0 Reads

    Harrwitz bishops (named after Daniel Harrwitz (1823-1884)) are bishops that occupy ajacent diagonals. For example, White has Harrwitz bishops in the Danish Gambit. They can be very good attackers, especially in the middlegame. They are also know... Read More »

  • Word Gambit

    • 0 Reads
    • | 0 Reads

    Gambit refers to a chess opening in which pieces are sacrificed so as to gain a better position. It was first described in Spanish in the Lopez 1561 chess classic Libro de la Invencion Liberal y Arte del Juego del Axedrez. It took until 1813 for t... Read More »