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  • La famosa partida inmortal

    Esta partida fue protagonizada por Anderssen contra Kieseritzky en la ciudad de Londres el año 1851. Pasó a la historia por el gran juego combinativo del jugador de blancas, quien sacrifica nada menos que una pieza menor en la apertura, las dos ... | Read More

  • Player Profiles: Roman Yakovlevich Dzindzichasvili

    The media-shy grandmaster Roman Yakovlevich Dzindzichasvili, once the number four player in the world, has rarely if ever given an interview before. We learn about his meetings with some of the true giants and geniuses of chess - Fischer, Botvinn... | Read More

  • Player Profiles: JamesColeman

    In this Player Profile we get to know an exciting "under-the-radar" - player from London a little better. He is a polite and knowledgable man, and last year he was on a team of chess players who won a tv-quiz show in England. CM James Coleman... | Read More

  • Superstitions!

    Chess players are very superstitious people! Almost every strong player I know has his own superstition. By far the most common one is a "lucky" pen or pencil. Even Mikhael Tal (who had the nickname "the Magician") half jokingly blamed the loss of... | Read More

  • Sicilian Scheveningen by GM Magesh and GM Arun

    Today we will study the Sicilian Scheveningen variation. One of the best things about this variation is the amazing potential of all the transpositions into this variation from other branches of the Sicilian.  Our first game today is the 9th gam... | Read More

    • Cancel the Olympiad? No(r) way!

      It's hard to know what to make of the latest Olympiad drama. There are so many conflicting reports, rumours, innocent victims and different parties with skin in the game, that it reminds one of an election campaign. Oh hang on; there IS an electio... | Read More

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      join my group Gary Kasparov | Read More

    • Gary Kasparov's IQ wonder he's so good at chess...................................... ...................................................................................... ..................................................................................... | Read More

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      • | May 13, 2014
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    • Will Engines Ruin the Royal Game?

      While my deeply felt notions effusively came out in another thread, it is entirely more appropriate that I take ownership of them here. PLEASE SHARE your thoughts! In my best assessment, it sure appear... | Read More

      • zenomorphy
      • | Mar 19, 2014

Video Lessons

  • Kasparov, Garry

    • 93 Reads
    • | 93 Reads

    Garry Kasparov, originally named Weinstein, was born on April 13, 1963. He is unainamously regarded as the greatest chess player of all time. In 1976, he was the strongest player in the world under age 13.  He became a grandmaster at 17, the ... Read More »

  • The Stare

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    In chess, as in other games that promote gamesmanship, "The Stare" is a common tactic used by players to intimidate, annoy, confuse and otherwise put an opponant out of his or her comfort zone. It is generally done when a player is trying to thi... Read More »

  • Yusupov

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    Artur Mayakovich Yusupov (Jussupow in German) was born on February 13, 1960 in Moscow.  He learned the game of chess in 1966 at the age of 6 and trained at the Moscow Young Pioneers’ Palace. In 1977, at the age of 17, he won the World Ju... Read More »

  • Beliavsky, Alexander

    • 1 Read
    • | 1 Read

    Alexander Genrikhovich Beliavsky (Belyavsky) was born on Decmber 17, 1953 in Lviv, USSR.  After finishing school, he did not qualify for the University Law Faculty, but was accepted in the Sports College as chess was considered a sport in the USS... Read More »

  • King's Indian Attack

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      The King's Indian Attack (KIA), also known as the Barcza System (after Gedeon Barcza), is a chess opening system for White, most notably used by Bobby Fischer. Its typical formation is shown in the diagram to the right.It is an attacki... Read More »