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  • Chess in the Vieux Carré

         The Vieux Carré  or French Quarter, cradled in the crescent of the Mississippi River, was the original site of La Nouvelle-Orléans.  Although during the 19th century New Orleans expanded and become more Americanized eroding th... | Read More

  • Paul Morphy Screenplay

         As many fans of Paul Morphy know, there have been some historical fiction written about him.  On my Morphy website  I host two short stories about Morphy:  "The Best American Chess Player" by Dan Heisman  and"The Day Kasparov Played ... | Read More

  • Will Hope Be Krushed at Death Match 26?

    For just the second time,'s Death Match will feature two ladies. GM Nadezhda Kosintseva will take on GM Irina Krush in Death Match 26 on Saturday, July 26 at 12 p.m. Eastern (GMT -5), 9 a.m. Pacific. The event will be live on | Read More

  • Living Chess

         Chess has had some difficulty throughout the years in presenting itself as a form of public entertainment. There has been some isolated cases where chess made good TV and even a few instances where chess was limelighted and managed to ca... | Read More

  • The Chess Terminator, Part Two

    Last week, we left our amicable chess terminator at a position where his opponent set a devilish trap for him. Many of you, my dear readers, correctly found the refutation of the trap. In his book, Tal wrote that White's move (25.Rd2) made him ver... | Read More

    • Playing All the Marks

      Hello everyone, Playing Chess is fun and exciting and usually it's just a game, but for me I like to talk with my opponent if he/she replies as well. Sometimes it's a simple "Hi" or other times it goes deeper into "what's it like living in (count... | Read More

    • Lola

      la-la-la-la Lola................................................................ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&... | Read More

      • kboyer309
      • | Aug 12, 2014
    • Birthdays

      Hi all! Let me clarify some things about myself:I don't pity my own life. I'm not envious with other people. I needn't have your stuff, I needn't have your talents, and I needn't have your physique. I'm more than okay the way I am in all three a... | Read More

    • Benjamin Franklin and Chess Trivia

      Benjamin Franklin was born on Jan 17, 1706 or Jan 6, 1706 old style. Franklin wrote about checkers (draughts) when he sailed to and from England in 1726.  When a fair wind came up, Franklin spent much of his time onboard playing checkers.  He l... | Read More

      • billwall
      • | Aug 8, 2014
    • Best game yet of Alexander Styles, aged 3.

      Still a loss, but how good was your chess at his age?Not his longest game, but I think his most well-played, with only one instance of hanging a piece (unfortunately, it was his Queen), itself probably a lapse in concentration due to us also watch... | Read More

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  • Russ, William Henry

    • 2 Reads
    • | 2 Reads

    William Henry Russ (1833-1866) was a leading American compiler of chess problems in the 19th century who wrote under the name W. R. Henry.  He was the first person to collect all chess problems published in America and compiled a manuscript c... Read More »