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  • Play Magnus App Review

    Review by Christine VanCott Play Magnus is a free chess smartphone app available for Apple iOS (and recently) Android. It includes 99 game levels, training videos, and an interactive tournament feature. The app runs quickly ... | Read More

  • Monster Opening Preparation, Part 2

    In our second installment of Monster Opening Preparation (part 1 here), we’ll take a look at two of the most famous “prep” games ever. Both are highlighted by legends concerning the length of time they prepared/analyzed/pondered ... | Read More

  • The Pawn Poke

    Be it annoying, mildly painful, or downright inappropriate, the pawn poke is a key theme in understanding pawn structures and color complexes. Once mastered, your opponents will feel like they are locked in a room with a deranged 5 year old wavin... | Read More

  • The 10 Most Important Moments in Chess History

    There is arguably no other game with the timeless staying power and global reach of chess. Unlike most of the other games and sports played today by millions around the world, chess has a history that spans millennia. While chess has change... | Read More

  • The Ohio Masters Open (3 days to go !)

    The Ohio Chess Academy & The Dayton Chess Club Bring You A Single Open Section Chess Tournament Open to Everyone!   First Annual Ohio Masters Chess Tournament July 25-27, 2014 OPEN FORMAT THE SAME FORMAT USED AT THE US OPEN CHESS... | Read More

    • "An absolute disgrace" Elite Players Miss Chances to Promote Chess

      The World Chess Championship is the highlight of the chess year, so it makes sense for chess to put its best foot forward for the fans and onlookers. Are chess’ elite players doing enough to promote the sport? What do you think about wh... | Read More

      • zealandzen
      • | Nov 21, 2014
    • Tribute to GM Ulf Andersson (Part 2)

      Welcome to part 2 of my Tribute to GM Ulf Andersson series. For the average player it is difficult to be updated on the latest theory in the most popular openings. In the Sinquefield-Cup tournament we saw new set-ups/ideas as late as move 20 or ... | Read More

      • Posiskak
      • | Nov 13, 2014
    • REVEALED: How to Become a Grandmaster

      In this article, I will explain to you how to become a Grandmaster.. but you may think: You aren't even a Grandmaster, so you can't know how! You are right about that! However, I DO know the SECRET to become a Grandmaster. If you are an adult, yo... | Read More

    • Natural supremacy

          Natural supremacy       For Royal-Class     Ever since I was young nature appealed to me like nothing else. In the summertime I would be sitting in the grass, watching the ants go by in their busy lives. I watched the butterfli... | Read More

      • D_Gray
      • | Nov 4, 2014
    • Android apps for world championship Carlsen-Anand.

      Hi all chess fans! These are indeed exciting times. World Champion Match 2014 Carlsen vs Anand (the rematch) is starting next week and I am really looking forward to seeing wether Anand can bring something new to the table (in the literal meaning... | Read More

      • zaifrun
      • | Oct 31, 2014
      • | 1 comment