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  • The Terrifying Grinder Of Chess

    The title of this article sounds like the name of a cheap horror flick, perhaps a low-budget rip-off of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. A spine-chilling monster known as the Grinder terrorizes the inhabitants of a fictional town... A quick... | Read More

  • Can You Guess These 13 Famous Chess Players?

    Can you identify some of the most famous chess players ever? Find out in another fun contest here on  If you whiffed on our devilishly hard 2014 Holiday Puzzler, take heart: all you have to do this time is fill in the last name o... | Read More

  • Could A Chess Computer Take Over The World?

    Chess-playing computers are almost unfathomably strong, and they are improving faster than even the best human players. Three months ago, we took a look at the top five computer chess engines, and today the best two programs on that li... | Read More

  • The 8 Best Chess Apps

    The mobile platform now dominates the Internet. Many more YouTube videos are watched on mobile devices (mostly smartphones) than on desktop and laptop computers combined. Two months ago, Google announced that the majority of its search... | Read More

  • Pete's Pathetic Chess: Ridiculous Endgame

    Last week, we presented the first part of my intermediate-level blitz chess game, annotated by GM Roman Dzindzichashvili and checked by Stockfish 6, in an effort to learn from my predictably subpar play. Now, let’s proudly conclude th... | Read More

    • The Knight - Lesson Zero

      In my last exciting blog post, I talked about a new series on the Knight. The skill levels will vary, but they will all be about Knights. I was inspired to write about the Knights as I am going over this subject with my two young chess students wh... | Read More

      • PaulEChess
      • | Nov 27, 2015
    • Chess Wisdom and Aphorisms #8

      Chess Wisdoms and Aphorisms.  #8.   Chess is a game learnt by studying Instructive Games.   There is a book, ‘The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played. 62 Masterpieces of Chess Strategy’ by Irving Chernev.   (Type this in Goog... | Read More

    • Lopez-Leonardo 1560

      Don't Google the game!  This game is almost 500 years old, but contains many basic tactical ideas we must study!   | Read More

      • BirdBrain
      • | Nov 17, 2015
    • Copy Right Loopholes. Albums by brigatine:

                                                                               Hey every one this is turning out to be the best work I have ever done on Enjoy my friends. Two steps forward and two steps... | Read More

    • Laundry Day

      Soon I am going to do a shocking expose on the Knights and how powerful of piece they can be. A little twist, however, there will be four blog posts on the subject ranging from rank noob (or teachers of noobs) to at least Expert strength. I will b... | Read More

      • PaulEChess
      • | Nov 16, 2015