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  • The Chess Terminator: Hasta la Vista, Baby!

    The game from round 17 of the Soviet Championship 1957 was more proof that Tal was getting back to his great form. Even though it was just a draw, this game was one of Tal's favorites. In his book, Tal wrote that he always loved the b... | Read More

  • The Two Best Coaching Groups @

    NM aww-rats free video lessons group Dan Heisman Learning Center If you join and take advantage of what we offer, your chess will improve! It's really no contest if you look at what we offer. No other coaching group compares on all fronts: 1) ... | Read More

  • Readers’ Games, Questions and Comments, Part 5

    Unorthodox Chess Players Einet890 asked a few questions, but I will only answer one here, and one other next time I do a Q&A article. Mr. Einet890, I’ll answer this question for everyone, though you’re welcome to use the ans... | Read More

  • Tips to Improve Your Calculation

    Many of my friends who lost control in their calculation, once said: "I can't calculate for next eight moves forward, all i can do is only five moves forward" So, in this short article i will give some tips to improve your calculation technique. ... | Read More

  • The Art of Solving Advanced Tactics

    Since the beginning stages of chess development, you've most likely been exposed to solving "tactics" exercises. It seems that, by nature, every chess player innately shares the joy of finding the right solution to a tactical problem to some degre... | Read More

    • Time Control Changes... We Think?

      Hi, We need your help! What's the topic? Keep reading! Along with improving the look, feel, and "usability" of with our upcoming "V3" redesign, we are also considering making some tweaks / improvements to the ... | Read More

    • Chess thinking...(oversatt til engelsk)

      estalo73 | Jul 15, 2014 at 11: 42 AM | Posted in: estalo73 's Blog | 131 reads | 0 comments I'm going to appreciate constructive criticism, you see something I do not see-write it ina feedback so you help me also to be ... | Read More

      • estalo73
      • | Jul 21, 2014
    • Surviving the opening

      Surviving the opening!There are really only 4 openings to consider if you're playing white; e4, d4, c4 and Nf3.  Unless you want to give up the advantage, that is.  Of course, if you're good enough to do that, I should not be playing you!Nc3, b3... | Read More

      • jamesing
      • | Jul 20, 2014
    • The Mayor's Open!

      I was the 4th seed of a 10-player field in the Open division of the Mayor's Open; a chess tournament that took place in Hammond, IN on July 19th, 2014 at the Jean Sheppard Community Center. There were other scholastic divisions as well that were n... | Read More

    • Suria KL City Centre Shopping Mega Mall

          Sunday shopping in all its diversity, calm and non hidden meanings.. shopping in Suria KLCC  has entirely its own brand of practical charm and personalised purpose - Paris has its Monmartre, New York has the Village and London Portobello ... | Read More

      • Henryongmy
      • | Jul 19, 2014

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