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  • The Best Chess Of 2014

    As 2014 draws to a close, it’s a natural time to look back at the best chess of the year. The past year was a good one for fans of the world’s most popular board game. There was an exciting world championship match, several amaz... | Read More

  • Can You Solve Our 2014 Holiday Puzzler?

    Your favorite holiday chess tradition is back! is proud to celebrate the holiday season with an all-new puzzler quiz for 2014. UPDATE:  The 2014 Holiday Puzzler has ended. Thanks to all who played and commented.  O... | Read More

  • 5 Great Chess Books For Beginners

    Like it or not, holiday gift-shopping season is now upon us, at least according to the ubiquitous calendar of commerce.  Instead of being trampled by unruly deal-seekers at big box retail stores, you can shop online and still get somet... | Read More

  • The Master’s Bulletin, August 2014

    SUBSCRIBE HERE --> (You can find the Master's Bulletin archive here) Peter’s Chess Vibes Dubai Heights “In July I was on holidays for most of the month, and so I missed a lot of chess, for instance the annual tourn... | Read More

  • Pandolfini's Puzzler #49 - Happy Independence Day!

    Professor: Happy Independence Day, Class! Lucian: You mean happy July Fourth, don’t you? Zephyr: They’re the same day. Thomas: That’s the way the Founding Fathers planned it. Zephyr: Maybe the Founding Mothers had the sam... | Read More

    • My first blog

      This is my first blog post so I will give some background on my chess life, how I use, and post two games. I have played chess since I was a kid (I am currently in my late 20s), with various degrees of seriousness and success. I played ... | Read More

      • Simpo137
      • | Apr 11, 2015
    • Tactical strikes...and misfortunes!

      Here are some interesting games for today. They would be particularly useful for players 1700-1900. They are played between 2000+ players ,but the concepts are quite familiar. The first game I was defending most of the time. And in this game-com... | Read More

    • Putting something back into chess

      Apart from playing way too much chess on way too many sites, I also put a fair bit of time promoting the game in my local area. I've run a free chess club for over ten years.  It's run after school and is obviously aimed fairly and squarely at j... | Read More

    • Norouz

      The Persian New Year is called Norooz (also Nowruz, Nawroz, among other spellings) and marks the first day of spring. It's also the Baha'i New Year, but the holiday is celebrated by Iranians of all religions. Norooz celebrates renewal and reb... | Read More

      • farhad24
      • | Mar 16, 2015
    • Confessions of A ChessAddict: Chess Holiday 2015

      Last summer, a friend of mine, Atilla Turzo, told me about an awesome learning experience and adventure that he had been dreaming up:  giving chess players the opportunity to merge their love of chess with learning from high ranking chess pla... | Read More

Video Lessons

  • Unzicker, Wolfgang

    • 22 Reads
    • | 22 Reads

    Wolfgang Unzicker (1925-2006) was a German grandmaster (1954) born in Pirmasens, Germany on June 26, 1925.  He started to play chess at the age of 10.  West German champion in 1948, 1950, 1952, 1959, 1963, and 1965.  He was East and... Read More »