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  • Tal's Sacrifices Explained

    "When I asked Fischer why he had not played a certain move in our game, he replied: 'Well, you laughed when I wrote it down.'" -Mikhail Tal (1936-1992)  Neither Mikhail Tal's life, nor his personality, nor his playing style, nor his ailments can... | Read More

  • Desperado Defense

    "Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before," quipped American actress Mae West in 1936. So it is with defending bad positions in chess. One cannot deny that in the majority of cases, the best way to test your opponent's techniq... | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Apr 4, 2014

    "What's the going rate for selling 100 rating points?" Let's start with "It's illegal and I wouldn't do it, and neither should you or anyone else!" Now that we got that out of the way, I can then state "Interesting question! I've never had that ... | Read More

  • Paul Morphy's Chess Strength

    Paul Morphy, Spring Hill College, 1854      This is a highly unusual article for me.  I have no love for chess engines.  Additionally, I have severe reservations about trying to compare modern players with 19th cenutry players.  It h... | Read More

  • Humans vs. Computers

    Many peoples think, the computers are better than humans. Today I want to speak about that, because I think not! Think a little bit. We (the humans) made the engines, that was one thing, why humans are better.In the next game (I follow in video) ... | Read More

    • Near Perfect Game!

      Hey friends! Tonight, I played a championship game at my club.  I was up against a chap named Josh and I have to win to maintain 3rd position, half a point behind 2nd and only one point behind 1st.  This is the penultimate round.  Time control... | Read More

      • BorgQueen
      • | Jul 11, 2014
    • The Best Linux Apps for Chess

      NOTE: I may update this post as apps add features or I learn of better alternatives. Feel free to send me suggestions to try! Also, many of these programs are free, but accept donations. If you can, consider donating to the projects you use  I h... | Read More

    • My First Fide Rated Tournament

      This is the first FIDE tournament that I played today. I lost the first game which I could have drawn by bringing my King to the kingside which my opponent described to me after the game. He was a 1500+ Fide rated player. Here's the game:   T... | Read More

      • cobipal
      • | Jun 27, 2014
    • Milestone Game!

      Finally! I have won a championship OTB game against my #1 nemesis, Edgar!  He is rated over 2100 and I am currently rated 1750 (ACF). In this game, I played a very high number of "Best Moves" according to Houdini, played no blunders, and very f... | Read More

      • BorgQueen
      • | Jun 13, 2014
    • معمای مساوی

      به این پوزیسیون عجیب توجه کنید و با سفید مساوی بگیرید.حتی آنالیزگرهای بسیار قوی چون Houdini ,komodo,stock fich,fritzبه شما کمک نمی کند.Look at this position and draw... | Read More

      • sobhankhe
      • | Jun 11, 2014

Video Lessons

  • Ajeeb

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    • | 3 Reads

    The name of the chess automaton built by Charles Alfred Hopper, a Bristol cabinet-maker, in 1865.  Several chess and checker masters (such as Albert Hodges, Ferdinand Burille, and Harry Pillsbury) operated the life-size Indian figure.  O... Read More »