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    • Manuscript by Aron Nimzowitsch

      Aron Nimzowitsch was a Russian-born, Danish leading chess master and a very influential chess writer. He was the foremost figure amongst the hypermoderns ... Ross Jackson (Raumati South, New Zealand) owns a 17-page article handwritten by Nimzowit... | Read More

    • King's Indian Defense

      The King's Indian Defense is probably one of the more aggressive options against the Queen's Pawn Opening.  It's more of a hypermodern opening, which means that black lets white gain center control and then tries to take it away with pawn thrusts... | Read More

      • iforkyou
      • | May 20, 2014
    • Lessons of Hypermodern Owens

      I've built up a collection of Owen's games, some of failure, some of wins, but all with lessons. I intend this blog post to be extended with other games when I get round to analysing each of them.Coined after John Owen, good theory was brought to ... | Read More

    • Chess Schools

      1. Romantic School Gambit play. Striving for the initiative. Speculative sacrificial attacks. 2. Classical School Occupation of the center with pawns. Natural piece development. Consideration of pawn-structure. 3. Hypermodern School Control o... | Read More

      • D_Breeze
      • | Nov 24, 2013
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    • NImzo-Indian defence

      Today,I would like to share with you a lecture I prepared a New opening on Nimzo-Indian defence,some times Called as Nimzovitch defence.This hypermodern opening was developed by Grandmaster Aron Nimzowitsch who introduced it to master-level ... | Read More

      • TigerGenov
      • | Oct 16, 2013

  • Coiled Spring Effect

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    The coiled spring effect in chess is related to how a players pieces will start out from a fairly compact and/or cramped opening position, and how they will "unwind" the spring and start attacking with the dynamic energy pent up in the position. A... Read More »

  • Reti Opening

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    The Reti Opening (1. Nf3 d5 2. c4) belongs to the Hypermodern School of Chess that dominated in the early 20th Century. The idea is to control the center rather than contest it by direct occupation with pawn moves such as d4 and e4. Because of its... Read More »

  • Reti, Richard

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    Richard Reti (1889-1929) was one of the founders of the hypermodern school of chess, along with Nimzovich, Tartakower, and Breyer.  He was born in Hungary and went to Vienna to study mathematics, but gave that up for chess.  Richard Reti... Read More »

  • Nimzovich, Aron

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    Aron Nimzovich (1886-1935) was the founder of the hypermodern movement in chess and author of My System.  He would stand on his head during chess events and did exercises in the tournament room.  After losing a game against Saemisch in B... Read More »

  • Breyer, Gyula (Julius)

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    Gyula Breyer (1893-1921) was a Hungarian of Grandmaster strength.  He set a new blindfold record of 25 opponents (won 15, drew 7, lost 3) in 1921 in Berlin.  He was one of the pioneering leaders of hypermodern chess.  He was the Hun... Read More »