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  • The Greatest Combinations You've Never Seen

    In this day and age, nary a chess player is unfamiliar with the most famous tactical games of all time: Morphy-Count Isouard, Anderssen-Kieseritzky (The Immortal Game), Anderssen-Dufresne (The Evergreen Game), Glucksberg-Najdorf (The Polish Immort... | Read More

  • Pandolfini's Puzzler #54: Give Me Something

    Professor: Howdy, class. Here the class responded with a collective “hi.” Professor: We have a new class member being added to our roster today. I’d like you to meet Idris. Everyone smiled coyly, but warmly. Zephyr: Wha... | Read More

  • An Amateur "Immortal"

                                 So I was logged on ICC when a friend of mine said "JMB, I have a game to show you!" When he showed me I was blown away. I could only dream of playing such a game! To be honest, if someone ... | Read More

  • The Art of Setting Traps

    Most tournament players scoff at the notion of Coffeehouse Chess. Even so, some of the most famous brilliancies in chess history were produced under dubious, non-tournament circumstances: The Immortal Game (Anderssen-Kieseritzky) was played at the... | Read More

  • Mysterious GM Moves

    When you hear the word "brilliancy," what comes to mind? A dazzling combination with multiple sacrifices? A captivating tactical melee in which both players display their calculational expertise? Without a doubt, brilliancy has a tactical connotat... | Read More

    • 1200 vs 1900 Draw

       Ands (1947)  BulletImmortal (Unrated) draw 1|12 30 Oct 18, 2014 View 1.f4b6 2.Nf3Bb7 3.e3d6 4.Bb5+Nd7 5.d4a6 6.Ba4e6 7.O-OBe7 8.c4Nf6 9.Nc3Ng4 10.Bd2O-O 11.Rc1c5 12.Bc2cxd4 13.Nxd4Nh6 14.Qh5e5 15.Nde2Nf6 16.Qh3Bc8 17.f5Nfg4 18.Nd5Bf6 19.Qf3Bb... | Read More

    • The Bishop and The Grandmaster

      By: Adisa Banjoko and Grandmaster Maurice Ashley  I don’t play either side or the king, I play God/ Heavenly wars played out on hand carved boards –Rakaa Iriscience, 64 Squares in the Cipher    Thinking Like A King  About seven years ... | Read More

    • Lev Polugaevsky vs Rashid Nezhmetdinov 1958 - Nezhmetdinov's Immortal

      In 1958 there was a brilliant attacking chess game between Lev Polugaevsky and Rashid Nezhmetdinov played in a tournament held in Sochi, Russia. Nezhmetdinov chose the Old Indian Defense, Ukrainian variation and quickly obtained a slight lead in t... | Read More

    • [video] The World’s Most Famous Chess Combinations #4: Rotlevi v. Rubinstein

      Hi all,The great Polish master Akiba Rubinstein was a purist in the game of chess who always believed in a positional and correct way of development of the game.Despite this attitude, which meant that he avoided what looked beautiful but was in re... | Read More

      • Waldemar
      • | Oct 1, 2014
    • Here we go, again?

      (Beat reporter: Mark LaRocca) Here we go, again? Is it me?… or is it that time really does fly?  Regardless, in the words of the immortal Ray Charles… “The game’s afoot.”… er,  that is to say… I get to introduce y’all to this y... | Read More

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  • Values

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    Each of the pieces in chess has a different value indicating its usefulness relative to other pieces. Under most systems, including that used in the "Details" section of games, a pawn is worth one point, a knight is worth three points, a... Read More »

  • Williams, Elijah

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    Elijah Williams was an English chess master who came in 3rd at the London International in 1851.  In 1852 he published Horae Divanianae (Hours of the Divan), a book of 150 chess games played at Simpson’ Divan.  It included the &ldq... Read More »

  • Kieseritzky, Lionel

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    Lionel Adalvert Bagration Felix Kieseritzky (1806-1853) was a former mathematics teacher in Estonia who became a chess regular at the Cafe de la Regence in Paris and was of International Master strength.  He gave chess lessons at the Cafe for... Read More »

  • Falkbeer, Ernst

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    Ernst Falkbeer (1819-1885) was an Austrian player who contributed to the King’s Gambit (Falkbeer Counter Gambit - 1.e4 e5 2.f4 d5 3.exd5 e4).  In 1855 he gave the game between Anderssen and Kieseritzky played in 1851 its name of the Imm... Read More »