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    • Anatoly Karpov's 2007 Ukrainian TV interview. Part 1: Fischer and Korchnoi   There was always much more politics than sports in the Soviet chess. For the ruling Communist regime, chess has become a symbol of unrivaled intellectual prowess. The whole big country, from Moscow to far... | Read More

    • Is Magnus Carlsen Playing Chess?

      Perhaps it is a different kind of game now Well, some say Carlsen doesn’t play chess actually. They say he is not a real chess player. Few players still do play chess “in contrast to Carlsen, who prefers to wait for his opponent to make a mist... | Read More

    • Montana Closed 2014, Round 1

        Based on my good performance in the Open Championship in the spring I was invited to compete in the state Closed Championship in October. There were ten of us, and all would be tough opponents for me. In fact, I was the lowest rated of the g... | Read More

      • MrMayor
      • | Nov 17, 2014
    • History of Chess Part – 2 and next webinar

      “All rook and pawn endgames are drawn” is a chess quote that was often attributed to the great chess player (and doctor) Siegbert Tarrasch. However, this statement is far from being absolutely true and rook endgames NOT ALWAYS easy to play... | Read More

    • Simul with Aussiedj

      Hi everybody! On Thursday at 5PM (Sydney/Australia time) I will be running a simul. I will only allow Under 1000 in online chess or live standard to play this simul, unless you're invited. Here are more details If 1-5 players join, the time cont... | Read More

      • aussiedj
      • | Nov 17, 2014

Video Lessons

  • Groningen 1946

    • 3 Reads
    • | 3 Reads

    First international chess tournament after World War II.  Botvinnik won, receiving 1,500 Dutch guilders and a silver cigarette box from the Queen.  A tablecloth was given to the best non-prizewinner.  A picture of the Martini Tower ... Read More »