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  • Carlos Castaneda And The Penthouse Suite

    [Editor's note: Here are more selected chess stories from IM Silman.] CELEBRITIES GONE WILD 1988 and I just landed in Mazatlan, Mexico. Though the main course was the world 30-minute championships (packed with the best players in the world)... | Read More

  • Remembering IM Emory Tate

    On October 17, the chess world suffered yet another devastating loss: IM Emory Tate passed away at age 56. Though he was taken from this world much too soon, Emory has left behind an unforgettable legacy, and he will forever be remembered as ... | Read More

  • Buckle

    If Buckle had entered the Tournament list [in 1851], and been pitted against Staunton, I think he would have proved victor, as the fine edge of Staunton's play was then taken off, a fact amply demonstrated in his matches with Anderssen and Willia... | Read More

  • Who Is The Architect Of Modern Chess?

    I am the proud owner of the obscure volume Pillsbury's Chess Career, published in 1922 by the American Chess Bulletin and written by two English amateurs, Philip Walsingham Sergeant and William Henry Watts. For several months i... | Read More

  • You Won't Believe These Miracles On The Chessboard

    At its heart, chess is a logical game. Every move — no matter how outwardly mysterious — can be explained and rationalized. To be sure, an idea can (and often should) violate general principles, but it still must satisfy the ... | Read More

    • Hiya

      I am looking for a nice active group :) do you guys know a cool group for me? :) I am bored, invite me xO | Read More

      • Sophiexxx
      • | Nov 29, 2015
    • Jurassic Park 1993 - Trailer @ Costa Rica

      the real jurassic park   CLIP DESCRIPTION:Hammond (Richard Attenborough) leads the visitors, including Dr. Grant (Sam Neill) and Dr. Sattler (Laura Dern), to see their first live dinosaur - the Brachiosaur.FILM DESCRIPTION:Steven Spielberg's ... | Read More

      • Martxelo
      • | Nov 25, 2015
    • Group : Live Chess Tournaments Update 2#

      This group is organising live chess tournaments with time control 45|45. If you want to join the group click the link here. : Please invite also your friends . We want many players to join ... | Read More

    • Shirov Swimming in the Boiling Waters of Iceland

      Latvia is represented in the Open European Team Championship currently taking place in Iceland by a women's team featuring Mrs Reizniece-Ozola, the current Latvian Minister for Economics, and a men's team featuring Latvia's top seed Mr Shirov.  ... | Read More

    • Hou Yifan in Conversation with Domimic Lawson

      English Chess Federation Published by Mark Jordan · 8 November at 18:01 · Edited ·  HOU YIFAN AND DOMINIC LAWSON IN CONVERSATION Monday 25 October The China Exchange is a charity based in Gerrard Street, London, in t... | Read More

      • Anarchos61
      • | Nov 12, 2015
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  • Invite your friends and party

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    Do you like chess? Well of course you do! Why else would you be on this website? So if you have friends who like chess why not invite them over for a chess party?  Set up some boards and have your friends play eachother.  Set up puzzles for each... Read More »

  • Groningen 1946

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    • | 3 Reads

    First international chess tournament after World War II.  Botvinnik won, receiving 1,500 Dutch guilders and a silver cigarette box from the Queen.  A tablecloth was given to the best non-prizewinner.  A picture of the Martini Tower ... Read More »