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  • NEW: Chess Informant 121 Midnight Sun

    Chess Informant 121 Midnight SunPaperback, 348 pagesProduct page (book/CD) WONDERFUL OLYMPIAD Just as chess fans all over the world were excited by the goings-on at the recent Chess Olympics, so were the staff at Chess Informant excited at... | Read More

  • A Pawn Up, Part 4

    In this article, the fourth part of my "A Pawn Up" series, we will be seeing a game that I played myself. This was the first round of the Eastern Open, which was held in Potomac, Maryland. This tournament always takes place in the time between Chr... | Read More

  • Un Lucena mal planteado

    El título del siguiente post es curioso, ya lo sé, pero "iré por partes" como decía Jack el Destripador. El Lucena es una conocida posición de finales de ajedrez que es fundamental para aquellos que quieran progresar en su técnica de ... | Read More

  • Having Fun With Blunders

    Recently I was involved in a small discussion about blunders and was shocked that the term’s meaning wasn’t as rock solid as I had thought. Everyone is used to symbols like “?” (poor or bad move), “?!” (dubious), “!” (good or exce... | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman June 21, 2013

    Which modern super-GM would have the most interesting match vs Paul Morphy in his prime? Probably won't happen but, if it did, someone who would try to fight with the Morph. Kramnik, with his positional style and transpositonal modern openings, wo... | Read More

    • Bug?

      Depuis deux jours impossible de jouer a partir d'un IPAD. Est-ce moi ou l'application qui est en problème? A partir de l'ordi, pas de problème! | Read More

      • roussin_b
      • | Oct 11, 2014
    • This is Ukraine today – September 1: 4 battalion task forces of Russian Army currently operate

      Maidan Community Sector, Lviv: Dear friends!War, not the expected peace arrived at the doorstep of Great Britain and France when they gave up Czechoslovakia to Hitler in 1938. War is happening right here at home and not in faraway Europe – the U... | Read More

      • Osokor
      • | Sep 2, 2014
    • Knight's Tour-like iOS game: Homeless Pony

      Hi everyone, long time no see! I recently made an iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc) puzzle game called Homeless Pony that is inspired by the famous knight's tour, and it just came out on the App Store! Homeless Pony on the App Store This is a game where ... | Read More

    • Best game yet of Alexander Styles, aged 3.

      Still a loss, but how good was your chess at his age?Not his longest game, but I think his most well-played, with only one instance of hanging a piece (unfortunately, it was his Queen), itself probably a lapse in concentration due to us also watch... | Read More

    • Don't miss any Olympiad news with the application "Chess News" !

      Hi Guys, It's Olympiad's time, and you don't wanna miss a single thing.With Chess News, you'll have all the information you need from the best sites and blogs (Susan Polgar Chess Inofrmation, chess24, chess.com, Twic...) in a single place ! This... | Read More

      • juanedam
      • | Aug 4, 2014