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  • Play "The Reti" in a dynamic way....

    The fourth round showed us an exciting game and an interisting novelty in the International Tournament of "Forni di Sopra"- (Italy) Ufficial site: Games and results : http://www.scacchirandagi... | Read More

  • Two World Champions to Battle in Strongest Death Match Ever

    The current World Blitz Champion, GM Le Quang Liem, and the former World Junior Champion, GM Dmitry Andreikin, will face off in Death Match 24 on Saturday, May 3, 2014. Their average FIDE rating of 2716 makes this the highest-rated Death Matc... | Read More

  • Alexander Alekhine (Part 5): Singing the Middle-aged Blues

    Before we leap into Part 5 of this 7-part series, I’m going to make one last effort to help the “Alekhine was afraid of Capablanca” people grasp a handful of reality. After you read this, feel free to misquote me (and other sourc... | Read More

  • Remembering Curt Brasket

    FIDE Master Curt Brasket was a towering figure in Minnesota chess, having won the state championship a record 16 times. On January 24, 2014, he passed away in his sleep at the age of 81, having battled Parkinson’s disease for nearly 40 years. Hi... | Read More

  • Heritage in Modern Play, End

    We will wrap-up this series about heritage in modern play by looking at one more position with a typical pawn structure. This position can arise from many different Queen's Gambit openings after massive pawn exchanges in the center where both side... | Read More

    • Chapter 1 - How to Reassess Your Chess (4th edition) by IM Silman (Part 1)

      Part 1 - The Concept of Imbalances "A sound plan makes us all heroes, the absence of a plan, idiots." -G.M. Kotov   Imbalances - Learning the ABCs Just about everyone has problems with planning. The typical player does what he feels like do... | Read More

    • Pirmieji žingsniai Šachmatuose

      Pirmieji žingsniai -labai svarbūs, ne tik gyvenime, bet ir šachmatuose. "Sugadinti partiją" lengva jau debiute, o ištaisyti klaidų vėliau dažnai neįmanoma. Šachmatai leidžia EKPERIMENTUOTI , jie leidžia daug kartų padaryti klaidas ir ... | Read More

      • mobidi
      • | Aug 26, 2014
    • vasquezjl&iranionlygod

      Live Chess Game   Date: Aug 12, 2014       Time: 10|0      Rated vasquezjl&iranionlygod      White: vasquezjl     Black: iranionlygod    vasquezjl   moves 37iranionlygod won  link : | Read More

    • won&lost

      Live Chess Game   Date: Aug 10, 2014       Time: 10|0      Rated dwinanda&iranionlygod      White: dwinanda      Black: iranonlygod dwinanda  moves 24 iranionlygod won  link : | Read More

    • Listen to the reed how it tells a tale

      Hail Love, hail Love, because Love is divine It is tender, it is beautiful and benign What passion, what passion, we are burning like the sun It is hidden and obscure, it is an obvious sign. We’ve fallen, we’ve fallen, it is hard to rise up We... | Read More

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  • Ehsan Ghaem-Maghami

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    Ehsan Ghaem-Maghami Ehsan Ghaem Maghami  born 11 August 1982 is a chess grandmaster from Iran.In 2000, at the age of 18, Ehsan Ghaem Maghami achieved the sacred title of grandmaster. On the April 2009 FIDE list, he has an Elo rating of 2593.E... Read More »

  • Bagheri, Amir

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    Amir Bagheri was born in Iran on October 19, 1978.  In 1998, he won the Iranian Under-20 Championship.  In 1999, he qualified for the FIDE World Chess Championship, but did not play because of visa problems.  He played in the 2000 World Chess F... Read More »