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  • The Dominican Order

          In his 1968 book called "The Poor Knight" ("Рыцарь бедный"). Vasily Panov described 23 year old Mikhail Tschigorin walking down Nevsky Prospect, a busy thoroughfare in St. Petersburg, with his friend Fedor discussing chess,... | Read More

  • The Art of Doing Nothing, Part Three

    In part two of this article, I described how I came up with a weird looking, but nevertheless efficient, plan of treating an unpleasant middlegame in my game vs. Hikaru Nakamura. For in-depth analyzation of the study-like endgame in this encounter... | Read More

  • The Art of Setting Traps

    Most tournament players scoff at the notion of Coffeehouse Chess. Even so, some of the most famous brilliancies in chess history were produced under dubious, non-tournament circumstances: The Immortal Game (Anderssen-Kieseritzky) was played at the... | Read More

  • Old Times

         The style of journalistic writing from over a half century ago is somewhat different than that of today, in some ways perhaps a bit harder to read but in other ways more enjoyable. Looking through old "Time" magazines is also enjoyable a... | Read More

  • of Cafés, Politics, Arts and Chess

         Cafés or Coffee Houses probably originated in 16th century Turkey and quickly expanded into Persia, Arabia, Egypt and other Islamic nations.  Even there they were havens for political idealists, philosophers, artists and game players.... | Read More

    • 60+ years of playing chess part2 chess in sweden

      soat the end of 68  iwas in SWEDEN and not atPENN STATE university a being coached by GM  DONALD BYRNE . Mmy first stop in sweden was in upplands vasby a town about 30 km from STOCHOLM . i learned swedish and joined the chess club in UPPLANDS VA... | Read More

      • ralph46
      • | Dec 12, 2014
    • A golden GM-norm opportunity in Melbourne

      It's this time of the year in Amsterdam - when the temperature hovers around zero during both day and night, when the wind slices your face as you cycle through the horizontal, unforgiving rain - that I start my annual pine for Australia. Fortun... | Read More

      • smurfo
      • | Dec 12, 2014
    • Magnus Karlsen: Genije ili automat?

      Neki velemajstori kazu da Karlsen ustvari ne igra sah. Smatraju da on nije pravi igrac. Jedan broj jos uvek igra sah "za razliku od Karlsena koji ceka da njegov protivnik napravi gresku umesto da ga nadigra kao sto to rade 'pravi' igraci" (VM Drej... | Read More

    • Šta je to šahovsko težište? II deo

      Sahovski kamen temeljac Prosli put smo identifikovali kljucnu osobinu koju poseduju sahovski majstori koja im daje ogromnu prednost u odnosu na amatere, a naime, prepoznavanje “tezista” (prema konceptu pruskog vojnog teoreticara Karla fon Kla... | Read More

    • MOBY CHESS Carlsen -Anand "Pradedančiųjų Didmeistrių" klasė

      Labas Vakaras , Kolegos. Štai ir pasibaigė Gigantų Mačas- tiesa , gigantas buvo tik vienas- Magnusas Karlsenas. Jis "nieko neparodė'' išskyrus tai ,kad turi 'gerą varikliuką'- kaip ir jo kolega gyvenantis ant stogo.Beje ,nieko "šachmatų ... | Read More

      • mobidi
      • | Nov 27, 2014