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  • The Dominican Order

          In his 1968 book called "The Poor Knight" ("Рыцарь бедный"). Vasily Panov described 23 year old Mikhail Tschigorin walking down Nevsky Prospect, a busy thoroughfare in St. Petersburg, with his friend Fedor discussing chess,... | Read More

  • The Art of Doing Nothing, Part Three

    In part two of this article, I described how I came up with a weird looking, but nevertheless efficient, plan of treating an unpleasant middlegame in my game vs. Hikaru Nakamura. For in-depth analyzation of the study-like endgame in this encounter... | Read More

  • The Art of Setting Traps

    Most tournament players scoff at the notion of Coffeehouse Chess. Even so, some of the most famous brilliancies in chess history were produced under dubious, non-tournament circumstances: The Immortal Game (Anderssen-Kieseritzky) was played at the... | Read More

  • Old Times

         The style of journalistic writing from over a half century ago is somewhat different than that of today, in some ways perhaps a bit harder to read but in other ways more enjoyable. Looking through old "Time" magazines is also enjoyable a... | Read More

  • of Cafés, Politics, Arts and Chess

         Cafés or Coffee Houses probably originated in 16th century Turkey and quickly expanded into Persia, Arabia, Egypt and other Islamic nations.  Even there they were havens for political idealists, philosophers, artists and game players.... | Read More

    • Morphy - The Opera Game

      Analysis from Wikipedia. The chess game played in 1858 at an opera house in Paris between the American chess master Paul Morphy and two strong amateurs, the German noble Duke Karl of Brunswick and the French aristocrat Count Isouard, is am... | Read More

      • mattohara
      • | Aug 28, 2014
    • Bendros REKOMENDACIJOS pradedantiesiems žaidėjams

      Labiausia man patinka PRADEDANTIEJI ŽAIDĖJAI- ne ,ne todėl ,kad yra SKANŪS (ir juos lengva "suvalgyti), o būtent todėl ,kad jie yra PRADEDANTIEJI -  nebijo pradėti žaisti šachamatais ,net ir "gaudami į kailį". Visi mes kažkada buvom ... | Read More

      • mobidi
      • | Aug 14, 2014
    • Ben Franklin and the "Imorality" of Chess in the Nineteenth Century

      It is common for most historians of chess in the United States of America to start with Ben Franklin. Franklin was, after all, a noted devote of the game. In addition to mentioning his fondness for chess in his Autobiography (1791), twelve years ... | Read More

    • There where blood in round 3

      Swedish championship class II was a dissapointment over 7 games but at least a blind chicken can find a sead!? At round three I was pumped up for points after a disapointed round two. My opponent Peter Karlsson from SS Allians didnt play aggressiv... | Read More

    • THE SUPREME CHESS MASTERS - From Them We learned

      The purpose of this blog is that through  the  games of old chess masters, gain insight into a classic chess openings and thereby to have a better understanding for moderns and hyper-moderns chess openings. So, in the romantic manner, let We jus... | Read More