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  • Imbalanced Forces, Part 1

    A material imbalance in the endgame provides an unusual type of play. Here we watch the spectacle of pieces, each with different capabilities, fighting, trying to change the terrain to their own advantage. It is like two knights on horseback fight... | Read More

  • First Saturday Budapest chess tournaments in November 2013

    Two USA player plays in the First Saturday Budapest November event, IM Troff, Kayden W and FM Sevian Sam. The official website of the tournament is: www.firstsaturday.hu | Read More

  • At the European Capital of Culture, Part 2

    In the second part of this article we continue the presentation of the new champions: Without a clear rating favorite of the group (about whom you will read below), the girls under 14 championship was won by M. Mahalakshmi from In... | Read More

  • US Jr. Champ!

    The 2010 US Junior Championship concluded a week ago. The tournament was held in St. Louis, side by side with the US Women’s Championship (for more on that event, check out WFM Zenyuk’s articles). The event was very well organized, as has ... | Read More

  • Genius Kids

    Before I get into today's column, I'd like once again to thank Grandmaster Bhat for his excellent contributions to this site for over a year. His articles have been uniformly excellent, and he took the time to come up with thought-provoking questi... | Read More

    • Tournament Adventures: US Masters

      It is a rare pleasure to play in a well organized tournament and innovative tournament. So many touranments feel homogeneous these days. The US Masters was run by an outstanding team of organizers and TDs; special thanks to Walter High and Gary Ne... | Read More

    • Cracking the Top 100

      No chess games or puzzles this time. Just a post celebrating my having cracked the top 100 list in the USA for the first time ever! 1 Nakamura, Hikaru (12641216) NY USA 2855 2 Kamsky, Gata (12528459) NY USA 2799 3 Akobian, Varuzhan (12740522) KS ... | Read More

    • Top 100 Juniors Chess Player July 2014

      Rank Name Title Country Rating B-Day 1  Giri, Anish  g  NED 2750  1994-06-28 2  Rapport, Richard  g  HUN 2701  1996-03-25 3  Yu, Yangyi  g  CHN 2670  1994-06-08 4  Fedoseev, Vladimir  g  RUS 2668  1995-02-16 5  Artemiev, Vladislav... | Read More

      • gludug
      • | Jul 20, 2014
    • Breaking even in St.Louis Invitational

      After my amazing success in Chicago Open, I travelled back home to St.Louis to play in the prestigious 2014 CCSCSL Invitational GM from May 28- June 1, 2014. This event was a very special one for me, as it was a closed invitational, which drastica... | Read More

      • aspired
      • | Jul 1, 2014
    • Tie for the Title in Chicago Open!

      Multitasking is never an easy task, and that's the problem I face everyday splitting my time between college classes in Lindenwood University and chess. So,I decided to devote all my summer break  for chess, which led me to plan to play in five t... | Read More

      • aspired
      • | Jun 8, 2014

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