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  • Can a GM and Rybka beat Stockfish?

    About two months ago, Rubik's Cube extraordinaire and chess aficionado Tyson Mao approached me with a fascinating proposal. Together with his friend Jesse Levinson, Tyson was exploring the current state of computer chess engines. It is well... | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Apr 18, 2014

    In life, improvement is usually achieved by proceeding along the triangle "->Learn->Practice->Test->". In chess, this is "->Study->Play->Get Feedback->". Leave something out of the loop and you get diminishing returns. Thi... | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Feb 21, 2014

    "I get really nervous during important games; what should I do?" "I get really worried about my rating. Do you have any suggestions?" I think these two questions, while undoubtedly different, are in some senses closely related. As I have noted, ... | Read More

  • The Endgames of Tromsø, Part 5

    By the fifth round of the World Cup in Tromsø, Norway, the field had been whittled down to eight players. Former world champion Vladimir Kramnik faced Anton Korobov of Ukraine, Gata Kamsky played Evgeny Tomashevsky, Dmitry Andreikin played Peter ... | Read More

  • "100 Soviet Chess Miniatures" by P.H. Clarke

    This week I will be covering a very interesting old book called 100 Soviet Chess Miniatures. The games were selected and annotated by P.H. Clarke. This book is particularly unique because the games are entirely by unknown players, and the games ar... | Read More

    • London System Refutation: The Padhi Attack!

      Hello everyone! This will be an article on the london system, or more precisely - a refutation of it! For those not familiar with the opening, white plays d4 Bf4 e3 c3 Nf3 Nbd2 Bd3 and h3 almost every time against anything black may try, giving h... | Read More

    • London System wins again!

      This game was 45\45 time control in the SLCA Regular Tourney #15.  It's a good example of why people like GM Gata Kamsky play the London System. | Read More

      • chessmunz2
      • | Apr 4, 2015
    • Chess Tournament

      Hello Everyone! As you can see, this is my first blog post and I am very excited making it. Yesterday, I entered a chess tournemnt. I had a total of 5 wins and 1 lost. Here are the openings I used in the tournment Round 1: 1-0  (Fried L... | Read More

    • On a roll with the London.

      This game illustrates the true beauty of London System, a chance to outplay your opponent in the middlegame.  Enjoy.  | Read More

    • Queenless Middlegame in the London

      The following game shows the versatility of the London System, the dynamism of the position even without queens!  | Read More

Video Lessons

  • Colle

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    the Colle normally: Defeated: Colle Zukertort: There are too much other things in colle so i will now do london system: conclusion: I hope you learn! Read More »

  • London System

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    The London system is a complex chess system in which white develops his bishop on f4 early on, and subsequently develops a closed game pawn structure that would usually limit the Queen's bishop. It is preferable to develop the Queen's Bishop ear... Read More »

  • the kopec bd3

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    so the kopec system starts with bd3 on third move. Read More »

  • Word Gambit

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    Gambit refers to a chess opening in which pieces are sacrificed so as to gain a better position. It was first described in Spanish in the Lopez 1561 chess classic Libro de la Invencion Liberal y Arte del Juego del Axedrez. It took until 1813 for t... Read More »

  • Robatsch Defence

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    In the Robatsch Defense, named after Karl Robatsch, also known as the Modern Defense, Black allows White to occupy the center with pawns on d4 and e4. Black's hope is to attack and undermine White's "ideal" position without directly attempting to... Read More »