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  • Monster Opening Preparation, Part 2

    In our second installment of Monster Opening Preparation (part 1 here), we’ll take a look at two of the most famous “prep” games ever. Both are highlighted by legends concerning the length of time they prepared/analyzed/pondered ... | Read More

  • Review: My Junior Years in 20 Games

    One of the first chess books I bought myself was a red little volume in German called Garrik Kasparow - Idol der Jugend by T.Lais. Published in 1983 - when Kasparov was just 20 years old - it contained 60 lightly annotated games played by the late... | Read More

  • Mysterious GM Moves

    When you hear the word "brilliancy," what comes to mind? A dazzling combination with multiple sacrifices? A captivating tactical melee in which both players display their calculational expertise? Without a doubt, brilliancy has a tactical connotat... | Read More

  • Readers’ Games, Questions and Comments, Part 2

    WHY I WRITE ABOUT THE CHESS GREATS In my view, it’s important for chess fans to embrace a chess hero, and after studying his life and games, moving onto another chess hero. It’s fun, you learn a lot, and it makes the whole chess expe... | Read More

  • 64 King and Pawn Concepts

    64 King and Pawn Concepts I have created the following table (an endgame"learning board") I share with my students and for users to take advantage of. Please mentally scan the positions and then leave a comment saying your rating and ... | Read More

    • Chapter 1 - How to Reassess Your Chess (4th edition) by IM Silman (Part 2)

      The next example demonstrates how basic imbalance dialogue can even help solve double-edged, complicated positions: L.v. Nisipeanu - V. Milov, Warsaw 2005 Diagram 19 - White to move                     White could foc... | Read More

    • How to improve from 800-1300 Part 1

      Hello friends, opponents, and viewers! I have really enjoyed blogging so here's another blog on how 800-1300 can improve their Chess. Many of my friends are under 1300 or just passed 1300 recently and I'm sick of it. They need their Online Chess ... | Read More

    • How To: Win At Chess

      When the evidence around us suggests human intelligence is on the decline, we’ll always have chess. It’s the great guardian of human creativity and imagination — the unfailing marker of our higher intelligence.   The game itself is incredi... | Read More

      • | Aug 22, 2014
    • Massacre in Palestine

      Israel are murdering innocent people including children. Israel don't want peace. I am not anti seminitic, it makes me anti zionist. Boycott all Israeli products to make innocent people survive. If you ignore the Israelis, you are siding with... | Read More

      • weamy
      • | Aug 21, 2014
    • The Ohio Chess Congress

      The 70th Ohio Chess Congress held at the Dayton Chess Club   Aug. 30-Sept. 1 $7,200 Guaranteed in Prizes  with Four Sections: OPEN: $1,000-700-400-300-200 (U2200: $450).....OPEN Section FIDE rated. U2000: $750-500-300 U1700: $750-450-250 U140... | Read More

      • Boorchess
      • | Aug 11, 2014

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