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  • Mysterious GM Moves

    When you hear the word "brilliancy," what comes to mind? A dazzling combination with multiple sacrifices? A captivating tactical melee in which both players display their calculational expertise? Without a doubt, brilliancy has a tactical connotat... | Read More

  • Readers’ Games, Questions and Comments, Part 2

    WHY I WRITE ABOUT THE CHESS GREATS In my view, it’s important for chess fans to embrace a chess hero, and after studying his life and games, moving onto another chess hero. It’s fun, you learn a lot, and it makes the whole chess expe... | Read More

  • 64 King and Pawn Concepts

    64 King and Pawn Concepts I have created the following table (an endgame"learning board") I share with my students and for users to take advantage of. Please mentally scan the positions and then leave a comment saying your rating and ... | Read More

  • 0 - 2000. A roadmap of chess knowledge.

    First I must make a disclaimer. The following list is based on nearly thirty years of playing and grinding my way up through the ranks as well as coaching chess to players in these ranks for nearly twenty years. The list is still highly subjective... | Read More

  • Saint-Amant

        Pierre Charles Fournier de Saint Amant     (also written:  Pierre Charles-Fournié de Saint-Amant)         After the death of La Bourdonnais, the mantle of     leading chess player of France fell upon the shoulders... | Read More

    • The Ohio Masters (Open Invitation!)

      As many of you know I have complained in the past about the state of chess in the US and now, with the support of the Dayton Chess Club, I have helped organize what I consider to be the ultimate chess tournament format (minus corporate sponsorship... | Read More

      • Boorchess
      • | Apr 15, 2014

      I found this checklist online on steps to follows BEFORE making your move. PRE-MOVE C H E C K L I S T   1.     Material - Always check the material balance before commencing analysis! (The strategic  implications here are very clear. If ... | Read More

      • CHESSUSA39
      • | Apr 14, 2014
      • | 1 comment
    • Still Seeking Potential Female Players for the San Antonio Chess Club for 2014 (Part 2)

      Female Players are strongly encouraged for the San Antonio Chess Club: From Thursday: San Antonio Chess Club, 6-10 p.m. (Thursdays except holidays) at the Lions Field Recreation Center, 2809 Broadway at Mulberry (ma... | Read More

    • brigatine-66 you tube Chanel:)

       Me at St. Augustine FL. :)                                                                                                                    ... | Read More

    • P is for Pawn, that's good enough for me ...

      Just wondering if the cookie monster plays chess ..... not really. What I was actually wondering comes about from having kids, and picking them up after work at their daycare ..... and noticing a "special" box of toys off in a corner. These toys ... | Read More

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