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  • 13 Songs With Chess Lyrics

    Chess and music have been linked throughout history. Both of these cerebral pursuits live at the intersection of science and art, and both are breeding grounds for amazing geniuses and prodigies. The logic, structure, and meaning of music can ... | Read More

  • 6 Ways To Beat Magnus Carlsen

    This Sunday (Dec. 14), "10 fortunate members will earn the right to challenge World Champion GM Magnus Carlsen in an online simultaneous exhibition," according to FM Mike Klein's press release. But I wouldn't call them "fortu... | Read More

  • Pandolfini's Puzzler #70: Three Easy Pieces

    Professor: For the 70th time, hello class. A few indistinct words, some smiles. Lucian: I can't believe I've been here 70 times. Zephyr: For once we're in agreement. Professor: Anyone want to talk about the class in general?  Zephyr: In gene... | Read More

  • All About Mary

          Mary Weiser Bain always seemed to have gotten lost in the shadows of Mona May Karff and Gisela Gresser.  But this pioneer of women's chess in the United States played no less a role.  While Gresser was home-grown, Mary Bain was born in... | Read More

  • The All-Time World Chess Champion Bracket

    Who is the best chess player of all time? Today, World Champion Magnus Carlsen leads Vishy Anand 1.5-0.5 after two games at the world chess championship in Sochi, Russia. Carlsen is the 16th classical world chess champion — mor... | Read More

    • 2015 Iowa Denker/Barber Candidates Tournament

      2015 Iowa Denker/Barber Candidates Tournament Coverage by James Neal The last time I had the pleasure of attending the Denker/Barber Candidates tournament was in the winter of 2004 as a contender. That year I scored a paltry 1.5/5.0 with the only... | Read More

      • jneezy86
      • | Jan 27, 2015
    • All natural numbers sum equal Infinite or -1/12?

      [EN] All natural numbers sum equal Infinite or -1/12? I was surprised to watch the video (watch it below) that shows the sum of all natural numbers is not equal to infinity but it would be -1/12. In this interesting mathematics paper 'Infinite or... | Read More

      • jefersonba
      • | Jan 21, 2015
    • The Eternal Second: Paul Keres (part 2)

      This is the second installment of the blog concerning the well known Estonian grandmaster Paul Keres, by many considered the greatest player to never be world champion. The last installment ended with Keres finishing with a good score in his first... | Read More

      • gara2021
      • | Jan 18, 2015
    • The Imitation Game (O Jogo da Imitação)

      The Imitation Game [EN] During World War II, mathematician Alan Turing (he was highly influential in the development of computer science) tries to crack the enigma code with help from fellow mathematicians. [PT-BR] Durante a 2ª Guerra Munidal,... | Read More

      • jefersonba
      • | Jan 15, 2015
    • If You Don't Believe That Muslims Denounce Terrorism, Google It

      Reza Aslan To Chuck Todd: If You Don't Believe That Muslims Denounce Terrorism, Google It o     With a fresh wave of Islamophobia rising in Western countries following the attack on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, Reza Aslan joine... | Read More


  • Mathematics and chess

    • 1109 Reads
    • | 1109 Reads

    The number of possible chess positions after White’s first ply move is 20 (16 pawn moves and 4 knight moves).  There are 400 possible chess positions after two ply moves (first ply move for White followed by first ply move for Black).  Th... Read More »