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    The Introduction:      The second half of the 18th century into the early 19th century was marked with cultural changes previously equaled perhaps only by the Renaissance.  There were great and important political revolutions, such as those... | Read More

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    Chess and music have been linked throughout history. Both of these cerebral pursuits live at the intersection of science and art, and both are breeding grounds for amazing geniuses and prodigies. The logic, structure, and meaning of music can ... | Read More

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      • 4_Eternity
      • | Mar 2, 2015
    • Don't believe me? Look it up...

      Why does Sacred Scripture teach the truth? Because God himself is the author of Sacred Scripture. For this reason it is said to be inspired and to teach without error those truths which are necessary for our salvation. The Holy Spirit inspired th... | Read More

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      (This interview was initially published in February 2015 on our blog; view it here!) From writing and playing to consulting and teaching, International Master Jeremy Silman has explored many facets of chess. He has not only authored over 35 ... | Read More


      THE MAIN REASON IS BCUZ OF ONE DIRECTION   1. School is like a prison.I hate school. I love home. When I'm at school, I feel sleepy. The people are boring. I hate all of the subjects but I only love Math.I think Math is the best subject evurrrr... | Read More

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      Let me start off this blog with some questions: Are you currently taking a math/statistics course and need help in it? Do you have a child or know someone who is currently taking a math/statistics course and needs help in it? Are you working on a... | Read More


  • Mathematics and chess

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    • | 1109 Reads

    The number of possible chess positions after White’s first ply move is 20 (16 pawn moves and 4 knight moves).  There are 400 possible chess positions after two ply moves (first ply move for White followed by first ply move for Black).  Th... Read More »