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Location: Romania
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    • Bilbao, Budapest, Dominican Republic, Hoogeveen

      Since my last blog post I've travelled so much, and new trips are on the horizon again! A few days before I'll be travelling to Sochi for the Anand-Carlsen match let me share what I did since the Olympiad. In September I was happy to return to B... | Read More

    • Broken Pawn Reserve

      I'm about a month late posting my games from the Broken Pawn Reserve, held in Marshalltown on February 8.  It's been a busy month.  What a fantastic tournament this was!  Great games (even though I lost three of four, I was happy with my play o... | Read More

    • Cogitation at South Station

      GM Larry Christiansen does a simultaneous exhibition at Boston's South Station each month.  I went for the first time yesterday and received a couple of educational thrashings. | Read More


      I posted an event here on chess and it was deleted :(   (such a pity)   For chess players in the Brno CZ area, I am trying to gather a few players for a few friendly matches.     A few friends are meeting up at Falk Cafe around16.00.   ... | Read More

    • Victory

      In today's Sterling Chess event, I took first place in the U1000 section. It's nice to win, though the best part of claiming a trophy is that my sons get more excited about chess when dad comes home with something shiny. Some thoughts: 1) I espe... | Read More

      • evanvwk
      • | Jul 27, 2013