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  • Can You Solve Our 2014 Holiday Puzzler?

    Your favorite holiday chess tradition is back! is proud to celebrate the holiday season with an all-new puzzler quiz for 2014. UPDATE:  The 2014 Holiday Puzzler has ended. Thanks to all who played and commented.  O... | Read More

  • John Grefe: Talent Isn’t Enough!

    My relationship with International Master John Grefe was complex, with many ups and downs. I met him two days after I arrived in San Francisco. At that time I was a penniless 18-year-old chess professional who was sleeping on a friend’s floo... | Read More

  • The Michigan Fall International, Part 1

    For the past few years, since the fall of 2011, I had a really bad period in chess. I was really having trouble concentrating, not enjoying playing chess, and making many blunders. My nerves were shot and I couldn't calculate variations. In a shor... | Read More

  • The State of - August '13

    The State of is the revival of a monthly segment the CEO used to provide for members on Chess/TV.  The State of was airied on August 14th at 11:30 AM Pacific with Erik,'s CEO and co-founder.  There will b... | Read More

  • Computers in chess... Cheaters paradise.

    In the last week's article I touched the subject of cheaters who use computer engines during their games. To my great surprise, judging by reader's messages, many of you are not aware of this problem.  I was asked how can cheaters possibly us... | Read More

    • Are there Bullet chess bots (as if human players) on

      The most of my lost games to low-rated opponents were to those had no avatar and filled profile. More than that the most of them played like monkeys (very weak, start level play) but they were supersonic players. They never answered in chats or ... | Read More

    • I am Charlie ...

      Nous sommes Cahrlie. Nous sommes aussi les parents de trois assassins.   We are Charlie. We are also three assassin's parents. Here is the tragedy that we cannot ignore it.   ما چارلی هستیم. ما پدر و مادر اون سه ت... | Read More

      • BahromPah
      • | Jan 16, 2015
    • "The Knight's Fork Weekly" Chess "Newspaper" Is Here!!!

      [Blog History]          Hello again everyone and welcome to the launch blog of my new side project, something not affiliated with my daily duties as a Super Admin or TV/Chat mod. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a new... | Read More

    • Why Right Now Is a Crucial Time for Islam in Europe

       Akbar Ahmed Chair of Islamic Studies at American University Why Right Now Is a Crucial Time for Islam in Europe The sense of absolute horror at the terrible tragedy that took place in Paris has not yet abated. The enormity of what happened ... | Read More

    • Someone tracks my password down?

      I have been receiving a lot of messages from the server saying that another login has been detected. Everytime I change it, that person keeps on entering into my account. And it is not myself who logged in twice. | Read More

      • win84
      • | Dec 30, 2014

  • Fred defense

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    Hello. I'm caveatcanis and this message was written by AwesomeXue. There was some sort of message error though.  You'll see this message has zero views but several comments which is pretty hard to do.  Maybe some psychics left messages with th... Read More »

  • Heidenfeld, Wolfgang

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    Wolfgang Heidenfeld (1911-1981) was a German-born (Berlin) Jewish chess author who was forced to emigrate to South Africa in the 1930s and then settled in Ireland in 1957.  He was South African Champion in 1939, 1945-46, 1947, 1949, 1951, 195... Read More »