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  • The 8 Best Chess Apps

    The mobile platform now dominates the Internet. Many more YouTube videos are watched on mobile devices (mostly smartphones) than on desktop and laptop computers combined. Two months ago, Google announced that the majority of its search... | Read More

  • 5 Things You Need For Real-World Chess

    We already know that you can take and its mobile app to play chess anywhere, but sometimes there’s nothing like playing on a real board with real pieces. If you’re lucky, you can try your hand at giant bullet chess, but eve... | Read More

  • 7 Dumb Chess Ideas To Avoid This Year

    We've kicked off a new year, but beginning chess players still play the same unsound chess ideas that have been tried by inexperienced players for decades. Unless their opponents are similarly new to the game, players relying on these unsophisti... | Read More

  • The 10 Weirdest Chess Sets

    The last two weeks, we looked at the chess pieces most and least likely to survive the game. Most of the time, those chess pieces will be the normal Staunton tournament set we all know so well. When playing online, though, you can choose ... | Read More

  • Move by Move Chess Improvement: Recognizing what is demanded of the position

    This is the opening issue of my new series Move by Move Chess Improvement I have chosen to analyze a game in which Black misunderstood the most important plan of the position and what followed were some missed opportunities from both sides ... | Read More

    • Exploiting Structural Weaknesses - Isolated Double Pawns

                Hello Chess Fans, Structural Weaknesses on the chess board refer to a Weak Pawn Structure.  They come in many forms, isolated pawns, pawn islands, backward pawns and double/triple pawns.  The focus of today's article wil... | Read More

    • One Terrible Idea

      Everyone acknowledges that early game Queen moves are a bad idea, because there are so few squares that a Queen can go in the opening that can't be immediately attacked. The end result is almost always a series of Queen moves to get the Queen out... | Read More

      • Anema86
      • | Jul 26, 2015
    • Uncooperative Opponent

      One area I have to improve in my chess calculation is thinking that my opponent will cooperate with me.   I tend to find moves for my opponent that will help support my ideas. In effect, I don't work hard enough to find holes in my calculati... | Read More

    • Chrome pop up while on

      While surfing through material and games. I suddenly received a yellow alert pop up in my search window with this notice... Has anyone else seen this or have any feed back on it?  Chrome Help     CHROME  FORUM   NPAPI plugins don't wo... | Read More

    • Job Opportunity: JavaScript / Angular JS

      Love and want to help make it better? We are looking for an amazing front-end dev with expertise in JavaScript / AngularJS to help us complete the next generation of and beyond! We have a great team and lots of fun together. Th... | Read More

      • webmaster
      • | Jun 23, 2015

Video Lessons

  • Maurian, Charles Amedee

    • 1 Read
    • | 1 Read

    Charles Amedee Maurian was born on May 21, 1838.  He was the closest and life-long friend of Paul Morphy.  They attended Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama together where Morphy taught Maurian how to play chess in 1853-54.  In 1... Read More »