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  • 5 Things You Need For Real-World Chess

    We already know that you can take and its mobile app to play chess anywhere, but sometimes there’s nothing like playing on a real board with real pieces. If you’re lucky, you can try your hand at giant bullet chess, but eve... | Read More

  • TWICFiles: A Complete Chess Reference for iPhone

    Hey all,It's been a while since anything really noteworthy jumped out at me from the field of iPhone (or iPad) chess apps, but the other day that changed when I discovered a new app (well.. three complementary apps, more accurately) that set a new... | Read More

    • Mighty Mok celebrates Christmas and New Year with back to back tourney wins!

      Just a week ago, during a Whatsapp conversation with Malaysian IM Mok Tze Meng, the full time chess coach (as well as 'chapalang' financial adviser, mobile chess book/equipment seller, chess arbiter, intrepid deal-maker and prankster) mused that ... | Read More

      • juniortay
      • | Jan 2, 2015
    • Tal vs Botvinnik 1960

      This week, I am reading Tal vs Botvinnik - 1960. Pretty interesting read on kindle for $10. Getting into Tal's mind as he goes from round to round against the systematic and positional Botvinnik. Also got a new cell phone, a Driod Note II.  Very... | Read More

      • jminkler
      • | May 21, 2013
    • Access to Mobile Chess.

      Since yesterday everytime I need to use Mobile Chess it keeps giving me ''invalid password'' even as I enter the right one. Could it be a system bug? | Read More

    • iPhone Chess: Hiarcs

      Mobile Chess with Hiarcs on iPhoneIf you had told me when I first started playing chess that one day my phone would be able to beat me at chess I would have thought you were mad. Phones used to be made of bakelite and had two real bells inside tha... | Read More

      • bluetrane
      • | Apr 10, 2011
      • | 1 comment
    • How many games?

      (image from 21 Oct 2010 BBC News Middle East) I've been keeping up a few online and mobile chess games at once, which is still relatively new to me.  This got me wondering about just how often people play online as opposed to face-to-face. The... | Read More

      • MaiPhoenix
      • | Dec 15, 2010

  • Maurian, Charles Amedee

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    Charles Amedee Maurian was born on May 21, 1838.  He was the closest and life-long friend of Paul Morphy.  They attended Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama together where Morphy taught Maurian how to play chess in 1853-54.  In 1... Read More »