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    In the 1990s, when Pete Sampras dominated Wimbledon, he would sometimes win entire matches without a rally longer than a few hits. Expect the same this Saturday, as two energetic blitz specialists (and talented tennis players) lace up for Death Ma... | Read More

  • Ask a Chess Openings Expert!

    Dear Ask-a-Chess-Openings-Expert, My husband and I were planning on taking a trip next month to Hawaii for our 25th wedding anniversary, but my mother refuses to watch the kids ever since Timmy put her cat in the refrigerator.  Bill, my husban... | Read More

  • Stirring up Morra Mayhem!

    Today I played a very interesting 90 minute + 5 sec Increment game against a member Apthyphim (rated 1980 or so on live chess). In my first article, I am going to analyze my game and give my thought processes on why I made each move. The... | Read More

  • Master Files 3.5

    Master Files 3.5 Contents Introduction Staying Protected The Importance of a Pawn Break How to Beat a Grandmaster The Twelve Puzzles of Christmas Introduction Hello fellow members, and Merry Christmas! As a young child I learned... | Read More

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  • Smith-Morra Gambit

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      The Smith-Morra Gambit (or simply Morra Gambit) is a gambit against the Sicilian Defence distinguished by the moves 1. e4 c5 2. d4 cxd4 3. c3. It is not common in grandmaster games, but at club level chess it can be an excellent weapo... Read More »

  • Smith, Ken

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    Ken Smith (1930-1999) was a Texas master who founded Chess Digest in 1962.  In 1954 he won the British Open and the British Blitz Championship while stationed in England as an Air Force enlisted man.  He was not given a prize because he ... Read More »