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  • Train Your Brain! Pushing the Lesson Home!

    In “Train Your Brain, Target Consciousness” (Part 1, Part 2) we took a look at weak squares and weak pawns. When studying things like this, you first look at the concept (in this case weak squares and/or weak pawns), you try to intellectually ... | Read More

  • Train Your Brain! Target Consciousness, Part 2

    My last two articles (Train Your Brain! Target Consciousness Part 1, and How to Train Your Brain) were about weak squares and weak pawns, which I view as targets that need to be devoured or used. Creating a permanent seek-and-destroy mentality whe... | Read More

  • Heritage in Modern Play, Part 2

    Last week was the first installment of the series Heritage in Modern Play. Just to remind you, since the topic is still fresh this series aim at systematically studying some of the methods of play and ideas that were invented long ago but still ar... | Read More

  • Balanced Imbalance

    In this week's edition of my "Without the Lady" column, I will be showing an interesting game I played last year against the young Filipino GM Wesley So. Despite the early exchange of queens, the game was razor-sharp - imbalanced in terms of struc... | Read More

  • Hot EuroCup in Eilat

    The European Chess Club Cup is usually held in one of the European countries. This year was an exception – it took place in the Middle East, between Asia and Africa. The leading clubs travelled to Eilat, Israel, to determine the best of the ... | Read More

    • Eye of the Madras Tiger !!

      " It's the eye of the tiger, It's the thrill of the fight, Rising up to the challenge of the rival !! "   A round of applause for Anand in the press center! #candidates2014 — candidates fide (@candidatesfide) March 29, 2014   ... | Read More

    • Why it's important to study chess.

      Why it's important to study. As I explained in a recent post, I've now thrown off the shackles of chess laziness and started to study chess again, if only in true Gorm fashion of approximately half an hour a day. There has been much discussion on... | Read More

      • Jeski1
      • | Mar 19, 2014
    • Verified on Twitter!

      After almost 5 years of tweeting, over 100k followers and 86 episodes of "Chess week on Twitter" Natalia Pogonina has finally been verified on Twitter! How does one get verified? According to Twitter:Twitter verifies accounts on an ongoing basis... | Read More

    • Analyzing One's Own Games

      Analyzing one's own games feels like the chess equivalent of doing wind sprints. For those who haven't trained as distance runners in their youth, wind sprints are a way of conditioning your body by increasing your lung capacity and rapidly increa... | Read More

      • Larceny
      • | Feb 10, 2014
    • Gibraltar R9: Zhukova – van Kampen

      At the moment of writing, the Gibraltar tournament is about to finish its last round. This will probably be the last game of the tournament I’m going to analyze, and it’s also one with a Dutch influence. Unfortunately for my fellow countrymen,... | Read More

      • Jottum
      • | Feb 6, 2014

  • Pogonina, Natalia

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    Natalia Pogonina (born on March 9, 1985) is one of the best female chess players in the world. Woman Grandmaster (WGM), three-times European champion (U16, twice U18), bronze prize winner at the World Championship (U18) and European Women Champi... Read More »

  • Alekhina, Natalia

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    Natalia Vladimirovna Alekhina, born Nov 3, 1954, is a Woman Grandmaster (WGM) from Russia.  In 1984, she was awarded the Woman International Master title.  She is married to GM Sergey Archipov.  In 1997, she won the Moscow champions... Read More »