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Location: Glossop, Manchester, England
Joined: 9/12/07
Last Online: 7/28/14
Points: 150 points


  • Riding The Winds Of Fashion, Part 3

    Warning! This is a fairly advanced article. I try to write for players of all ratings, so sometimes I explore basic stuff, and other times I bow to the 1800-and-above crowd. Though the opening in question is too advanced for beginners, I hope that... | Read More

  • The Tactical Rook Lift

    About a year after I learned the rules of the game, I became practically obsessed with rook lifts. In my (inexperienced and naive) opinion, no attack was truly complete without an aesthetically pleasing rook lift. Indeed I had a rook (or two) on... | Read More

  • Good Traps and Bad Traps: The Maung Story

    Let's attempt to define a good trap: "Setting up an attractive, but faulty, sequence for the opponent that, if followed, would allow a tactic or, at least, a forcing sequence unfavorable for that opponent. However, if the opponent avoids that mo... | Read More

  • Monster Opening Preparation

    Serious opening preparation is a must for all chess professionals. At times, the preparation is mundane: NORMAL OPENING PREPARATION  1) You decide to play a new opening that had attracted you for years, or you saw something new and exc... | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Jun 27, 2014

    "I did action X and gained Y rating points so I suggest everyone should do that." This claim came up during the show, raising the question: How helpful it would be for others to follow the suggestion? In order to address this issue, we should sta... | Read More

    • English-Weidenhagen Gambit

      ENGLISH-WEIDENHAGEN GAMBIT 1.c4 Nf6 2.g4   INDEX 1. Introduction 2. Game with analysis 3. Complete text of the analysis of the game 4. Conclusion 5. Other blogs of mine on this opening 1. Introduction This opening is a close relat... | Read More

    • My Game Analysis IHSA Team Round 5

      So in my attempt to write a blog that resembles those of Silman's as much as possible, here I present to you my round 5 game from the 2014 IHSA State Chess Tournament.  Leading up to this game, I was having a pretty bad tournament. The first rou... | Read More

    • Cheated by

      Today, i played a game with guderian0, and i was winning on tine, in fact i had 1:11 mintues and his timer expierd( true he had mate in 2 but he didn t had any time ) and the computer decided: oh !! it s a draw due to the insufficient mating mater... | Read More

    • Correspondence Chess - My Experiences So Far

      My main training goal is to acheive a master-level rating OTB. However, with four childrean under the age of 8, I don't have a whole lot of free time to spend traveling to and playing in OTB tournaments. This is where correspondence chess fits per... | Read More

      • Ace_Club
      • | Jul 24, 2014
    • Partida de las muy reñidas

      En esta partida sudamos los dos. En retrospectiva parece fácil evitar los errores (a mí también me lo ha parecido), pero tened en cuenta que era una partida a 5 minutos.    1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Nxe5 Nxe4 4.d3 Nc5 5.b4 Na4 6.c4 Bxb4+ 7.Bd2 N... | Read More

      • javiage
      • | Jul 23, 2014

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