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  • Levitsky

         Meisterdrittel.      It's a curious fact that the informal title of "Master" ("Mаэстро"), the equivalent of today's International Grandmaster that was used in Russia during the late 19th-early twenieth century, was based upon ... | Read More

  • The Best Chess Books Ever

    Lately I’ve gotten several letters from chess fans who want to know what kind of chess books I like, and what books I consider to be the best of all time. That kind of “best-ever” list is very much a matter of taste, and a small list is imp... | Read More

  • The Chigorin Queen's Gambit: A History

    The Chigorin Defense is one opening whose history -- unlike some of others we have examined in previous weeks -- revolves around one man. And of course this is its namesake, Mikhail Chigorin. Chigorin was born in 1850 near St. Peterburg, where h... | Read More

  • Protecting Overprotection

    I think about chess a lot. I think about chess news, chess history, chess openings and endgames, my chess friends (living and dead), beautiful chess games, and how my 4,000 chess books are pushing me out of my home. But my main chess thoughts ar... | Read More

  • The Modern Defense: A History

    Like the Kan/Paulsen, the so-called "Modern Defense" is an opening with many names. When I first met it, as a beginning chess player, I knew it as the "Robatsch Defense." It has also been called the Ufimtsev Defense, the Kotov Defense, the Pi... | Read More

    • Threat is Stronger Than the Execution!

        From Chess Panorama (Radnor, 1975), W. Lombardy and D. Daniels:      Playing in a tournament Nimzowitsch'S opponent took out a cigarette case and put it on the chess table. Nimsowitsch hated cigarette smoke so he called the director an... | Read More

      • | Jan 28, 2015
    • Bounce back game vs a Strong Junior Player and learning from my last loss

      Last month in DC Chess League play I blogged a game in the Budapest Defense where I dropped my queen to a simple tactic in a position where there was not many pieces on the board.  This month in league play I wanted to use that as a learning expe... | Read More

      • SHoshall
      • | Jan 27, 2015
    • The Threat is Stronger Than the Execution

      "The threat is stronger than the execution"-Aron Nimzowitsch I just played a 3 game tournament, one time Nimzo's sage words helped me gain a victory and in my only loss it was due to not heading his advice. Below is both of those games (in puzzle... | Read More

      • CraiggoryC
      • | Jan 27, 2015
    • Magnus Carlsen and Death of Chess Ideas

      Where have ideas gone? With giant technological advances, human abilities are being pushed to new heights. Magnus Carlsen, the “hero of the computer era,” has found smart ways of how to use computers to become the world’s #1.[1] On the othe... | Read More

    • Talking Tactics

      Greetings. This is week three of my blog posts. Last time ( I had started off with initiating them with the nuances of the game, this time I moved onto a quick recap of what was taught... | Read More

      • aayush1998
      • | Jan 21, 2015

Video Lessons

  • 1930 in chess

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    On January 4, 1930, the 10th Christmas Congress ended.  The Premier Section was won by Jose Capablanca (6.5), followed by Vidmar (5.5), and Yates (5).  The Premier Reserves section was won by George Koltanowski and Tylor. From January 16 to Feb... Read More »

  • Prophylaxis

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    In chess, Prophylaxis means guarding or preventing a move before it is made. A prophylactic move usually haults the opponent from taking action in an area. One example of prophylaxis is, when the king is buried behind a wall of pawns, moving a paw... Read More »

  • Torre-Repetto, Carlos

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    Carlos Torre Repetto (1905-1978) was Mexico's first grandmaster (1977).  He was born in Merida, Yucatan.  Torre won the Louisiana championship at New Orleans 1923. He was first at Detroit 1924, followed by Samuel Factor, Herman H. Hahlbohm, ... Read More »